Will of Richard Mylam, Sr.
Wokingham, Berkshire, England, 1633
Transcribed by: Joanne Dodd-Milam

Descendants of Richard Mylam, Sr.
(as derived from this will)

1 Richard Mylam, Sr. d: 1633 in Wokingham, Berkshire, England
.. +Joanne d: Aft. 1633
..... 2 Richard Mylam, Jr.
..... 2 Elizabeth Mylam
..... 2 Edward Mylam
..... 2 Anne Mylam
..... 2 Sarah Mylam

Page 1-- In the Name of God Amen. The nynth day of February in the yeare of Our Lord God 1633. I Richard Mylam of Wokingham in the County of Berke. A blacksmith being sick in body but of good & xsecte-(exact) memory (praysed be God) doe make and ordayne-(ordain) this my present last will & testament in manner & forme following (that is to say) First I commend my Soule into the hand of the Almightie God my Creatour hopeing assuredly through the merices & meritte of Jesus Christ my Redeemer to be made partaker of life everlasting. And my body to the earth whereof yt-(it) was made. Item I give unto the poore people of the towne of Wokingham before said twenty~

Page 2-- Shillings to be given and distributed unto them broad or in money as my executris? Here after named shall think meete, Item I give and bequeath unto Joanne my loving wife, All that my Capitall messuage or tenement in Wokingham before said with the bankside orchard and garden with one with the appurtance There unto belongings Lying and being on the north side of a street there called Broad street between the house and land of Loury Mountague gent on the east site? and the house and land of Richard Whitelock mapant on the west site?? And now in the souall omnpacous?? of Jo: Hopkins John Asgood and George Keeble To have and to hold unto Joanne my said wife and her assigned, during the term of her natural life, And after her decease I give and bequeath the said Capitall messuage or tenement and primases with the appurtance unto my sonne Richard Mylam to have and to hold unto my said sonne Richard his heyres-(heirs) and assigns for ever. Item I give unto Elizabeth my eldest daughter All that my now erected tenement site next adjoining on the west site?? of a now built Turfe- house

Page 3-- belonging to the messuage or tenement wherein I now dwell, Together with this parte of the heise or yard to be measured & divided by straight lyne from that poste having three Angure holes boared in him being the third post from the corner poste of the said Turfehouse direct unto the corner poste on the east end of the stable there, Together with the said stable And all that tyled parte or bay of the barne there butting on the land lake of W_m?? Hollyer gent. And also all that garden plot and fruit trees thereon growinge lyinge next unto the land on Thomas Porlon on the west site? And lake in the tenure of Richard Gray, Together also with free passage and liberty of ingresse, egresse, and regresse for men horses Cartes and Carriages in by through and all my now erected gatehouse there of my said other messuage or tenement at all tymes there after to beare in and carry out wood turfe soyle or other materialls whatsoever?? And also free passage unto the well there of the said other messuage wherein I dwell there and hence to drawe have take and beare away water, To have and to hold the said now erected tenement and site of the hoise or

Page 4— or yard with the said tyled site or bay of the barne and garden and liberty of ingresse, egresse, and regresse and passage as afore said unto Elizabeth my said daughter, her hezres and assignes for ever immediately from and after my decease. Item I also give and bequeath unto Joanne my said wife the said house, messuage or tenement with the appurtenance (things that go with the house) wherein I now dwell and that site of the same now in the occupation of Ann Holloway widdow and her assigns with the outhouses yard orchard and gardens there unto belonging and lyinge and beinge between the tenement and land of John Cock on the east site. And the said tenement and garden herein~ before bequeathed to my said daughter on the west site? To have and to hold unto my said wife her assigns during the term of her naturall life and after her decease I give and bequeath the said house messuage or tenement and primisses with the appurtenance unto my sonne Edward Mylam

To have and to hold unto my sayd sonne Edward his hezres-(heirs) and assigns for (ever)

Page 5- Ever And my will is and soe I derise that my said Sonne Edward shall have the use and occupation of such Severall scolls of houserooms duringe the terme of the naturall life of my said wife as followeth, That is to say, the shopp and forgo belonging to my said dwellings house, the parlour here, two loftes or chambers over the said parlour & the old gatehouse here, the Cole pitt in the court there, paying in name of rent unto my said wife yearly and every year during her naturall life one penny if she shall demand the same, And further my will and meaning is that Edward my said sonne shall not demise lett or grannt the said shop, parlour & lofte and primises or any parte thereof unto any tsen or tsens??

During the terme of the naturall life of my said wife without her license and consent first had and obtyned—(obtained).

Item I will that Elizabeth my said daughter and her hezres-(heirs) and assigns shall fore ever hereafter board and pay the moyetie or one halfe parte of all such money and charge as shall be layd out and bestowed upon or for the makinge amendinges and repaying as well of the gate~

Page 6- Of the said now gatehouse as of the well and the sachling and furniture belonging to the said well. Item I give unto my said sonne Edward my Anvil, vise, sledges, billowes, and grindstone, and all other my shopp tooles and working tooles whatsoever belongs unto my sayd trade. Item I give unto Anne my daughter twenty pounde good and lawful money of England to be hand unto her at her full age of one and twentie yeares or at the day of her marriage which of them shall first happen. Item I give unto my daughter Sarah twenty pounde of lawful money of England to be payd unto her at her full age of one and twentie yeares or at the day of her marriage which of them shall first happen. All the rest of my goods cattells and chattels not herein before given or bequeathed, my debte and legacies beinge paid and finall expenses discharged I give and bequeath unto Joanne my said wife whome I make sole executris of this my last will and~ testament. And lastly my meaning is and soe I will that if any ambiguity doubt or question shall arise touching or

Page 7-- concerning any legacies, guifte, or bequeath contayned- (contained) in this my will, it shall be decided, and in?? god. & determined by my loving neighbors John Gooding the elder?? of Wokingham afore said yeoman and Thomas Symes of the same with ?? yeoman~ whom I make supvisors –(supervisors) of this present last will and testament. And to each of them for their paynes=(pains) to be taken wherein I give five shillings a peece- (piece) lawful money of England. In witness whereof I have here unto set my hand & Seale the day- and the yeare above written. In the presence of theis witnesses whose names are subscribed.

/ 1633 / The mark of the said Richard Mylam /

Francis Pulford

Signed John Goodings son

John Pulford

Edward Darney

Valor Inventry / Probatum first pined testum asud

Readings coram

Duo?? Nathaniele Brentmil II

70th 3rd 8s Dvore _Din? Cant Arch=iepi

vin 9 in spualibus genti & 26*

Die July 1634*

Comissagr first & executrivi & noiter he Jurat

And Salus inre?? Cruinseugr???


Haven’t figured it all out yet but this is what I have found……. It follows:

Probatum first pined testum asud = (It is proved first pinned and swearn to God by an act of religion or by a group or military group)

Readings coram = (read in the presence of the following in Readings the town)

70th 3rd 8s Duo? Nathaniele Brentmil II

Dvore _Din? Cant archiepi vin 9 in spualibus genti and 26 * possibly the book and date it’s written in??

die July 1634*

Comissagr?- (Comissioner) first & executrivi= ( executive) and noiter he Jurat = (official notary)

and Salus =means safety

inre criunseugr ?? = safety in something???