Will of William Milom
Husbandman, of Binfield, Berkshire
Will: March? 15, 1640
Probated: June 27, 1640
Beneficiaries: mother: Joane Griffin;
brothers: Thomas & Andrew Milom;
sisters: Margaret Northrupp? & Martha/Mawlin? Lamber?;
wife: Joane;
Property: money, goods, & chattel (no real).
Executrix: wife: Joane Milom
Witnesses: John Pearcisall?, Richard Snow, William Pittell.
Misc: 1. Spellings in will: Milom, Millom, Mylom.
2. Mentions will of his father: Thomas Milom who must have died abt 1635.
3. No children mentioned (must have died childless)


Descendants of Myleham (speculated from IGI)
1 Myleham b. Abt. 1546
.. 2 John Myleham b: Abt. 1566
....... 3 Alice Mileham b: January 15, 1585/86 Hurst, Berkshire, England
....... 3 Andrewe Millam b: January 12, 1587/88 Hurst, Berkshire, England
....... 3 Ann Mileham b: May 07, 1591 Hurst, Berkshire, England
....... 3 Alice Myleham b: July 07, 1594 Hurst, Berkshire, England
.. 2 Raphe Mileham b: Abt. 1567
....... 3 Raphe Mileham b: March 03, 1586/87
.. 2 Thomas Mylehm b: Abt. 1570
....... 3 Johan Myleham b: October 25, 1590
....... 3 William Mylehm b: February 04, 1591/92
....... 3 Mawlyn Myleham b: January 26, 1593/94
....... 3 William Myleham b: December 07, 1600***** (his will?)
....... 3 Andrew Myleham b: February 16, 1602/03

Descendants of Joane & Thomas Milom (from will)
1 Joane
.. +Thomas Milom d: Abt. 1635
..... 2 William Milom d: Abt. 1640 Binfield, Berkshire
......... +Joan d: Aft. 1640
..... 2 Thomas Milom
..... 2 Andrew Milom
..... 2 Margarett Milom
......... +Northrupp?
..... 2 Martha Milom
......... +Lamber?
*2nd Husband of Joane:
.. +Griffin

Will of William Milom
Transcribed by Oliver Milam

In the Name of God Amen
the fifteenth day of March? in the sixteenth yeare of the reign of our Sovereign Lord Charles by the grace of God King of Great Britain France and Ireland and Anno Domini one thousand six hundred forty I William Milom of Binforde in the county of Berks Husbandman being weak and infirm(?) but of perfect memory praise(?) be gods therefore doe make and ordaine this my last will and testament as followeth, First I commend my soule to Almighty God sufferinge upon him for salvation through the mercies of Jesus Christ and my bodie to Christian buriall Item I give and bequeath to my loving mother Joane Griffin the sume of five shillings, Item I give and bequeath to my brother Thomas Millom one shilling Item I give and bequeath to my brother Andrew Milom and to my sister Margarett North(rupp?) the sume of five shillings apiece, Item I give and bequeath to my sister Martha(Mawlin?) Lamber? The sume of five? shillings, Item whereas my loving father Thomas Milom before did bequeath unto me in and my his last will and testament the sume of _ pounds of lawfull English money to be paid unto me in five years viz: forty shilling a yeare, and whereas the last forty shillings due to me by the said will and testament nosuch payment to date? Been paid to me or gave agoe or previously it yet behind and unpaid, I doe hereby freely give and bequeath to my aforesaid loving mother Joane Griffin and to my sister Martha(Mawlin?) Lamber aforesaid to be equally divided between them, all other goods cattelle and chattelle I give and freely bequeath to Joane Mylom my loving wife my debts and funerall expenses being discharged whom I doe make and ordaine sole executrix of this my last will and testament and _____ none but She alone ________ whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale and published the same to be my last will and testament the day and yeare first above written the marke of William Milom in the presence of John Pearcsall? Richard Snow, William Pittell.

PROBATUM: (Latin) Date: June 27, 1640 by Joane Milom, London




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