MILAM Ancestries of Great Britain
("Milam" includes all related surnames such as Milam, Mylam, Mileham, Millam, Milum, etc., etc.)

Through DNA testing for genealogy purposes we have discovered 2 separate and distinct lines of "Milams" in England.  There may be more.  Through additional DNA testing of more and more diverse "Milam" family trees we hope to discover any others that exist.

To try to get a clearer understanding of these ancestries, we will try to display everything we know about them on this webpage.  We are starting with the known Family Trees of each.  Currently, the MILAMs of England group contains three "Unconnected" Family Trees.  Through DNA testing these Unconnected Family Trees are known to share, in DNA parlance, a "Recent Common Ancestor" (RCA).  However, we have not yet been able to discover the RCA and connect their branches together on paper.  Help solve this mystery!

In DNA science, "Recent" can mean several generations back.  The number of generations you have to go back to find the RCA is reduced as the number of DNA markers tested for is increased and the greater the number of DNA "matches" individuals share.  For example: a 67-marker test with 67 EXACT matches would narrow the range of RCA generation possibilities down to the minimum.  When this type of DNA analysis is combined with "traditional methods of genealogy research" (discovering family trees & ancestries through records, etc.), you can pinpoint the RCA.

Through DNA testing, and by adding branches to each tree using traditional research, we hope to connect all Family Trees, and place them in their proper ancestry group.  DNA testing is a vital tool in the discovery of all Milam Ancestries of Great Britain.

John MYLAM, Sr. of England, b. 1590
(2 emigrants to America, ca. 1635)
MILAMs/MYLAMs of England
MILLAMs of England
Family Trees of Unknown Ancestry
Speculative Family Trees

Our goal is connect the family trees of all "Milam" families.
This webpage is a fledgling start.  Please help if you can.

Do what you can to help:
1)  Get your family's DNA tested for genealogy purposes!
( & (Milam2 at Milam dot com)
2)  share your family tree,  (send to: Milam2 at Milam dot com)
3)  study and analyze those listed above
4)  if possible, correct or add new info, data, persons, branches, etc.
5)  share ideas, suggestions, comments.