Unconnected "Milam" Family Trees
Currently, it is unknown where these Family Trees connect.
Through DNA testing, traditional genealogy research, and your help,
we hope to find out, and to properly connect these "Milam" Family Trees.

Our goal is connect the family trees of all "Milam" families, World-Wide.
This webpage is a fledgling start.  Please help if you can.

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Descendants of George Milam of Crondall, Hampshire, b. abt. 1760

Descendants of Edmund Milam of Long Sutton, Hampshire, b. bef 1765

Descendants of James (John) Milum of Surrey, b. abt. 1791

Descendants of George Milam b. abt. 1860

If  you can correct, or add to, the data of these family trees,
please send to:

Milam2 @ Milam dot com