Earliest "Milams" in England?
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I.  Lancashire, 1201:
LDS IGI:  Joan De Millam, C. 1201, Lancashire, England; daughter of Adam De Millam of Lancashire, England.  Marriage 1221 to: Robert De Lathom, son of Richard De Lathom.

II.  Northamptonshire, 1390:
Calendar of Patent Rolls
Richard II, Vol.4, p.280
July 1, 1390, Westminister
Description: Pardon of John Milam (speculated Date of Birth: Bef. 1370)

"Pardon to ____ of outlawry for not appearing before the justices of the Common Bench to answer........"
....."The like pardons of outlawry to the followin:" 
....."John Milam of Oundell, for not appearing to answer John and Vassall (Wassellus) Kekele touching a debt of 6l . co. Lincoln."

III.  Norfolk, 1375:
The earliest known RECORDS of MILEHAMs are in Norwich, Norfolk, England.  These records are wills:

Norfolk: Norwich - Index to Wills, Consistory Court of Norwich, 1370-1550.
Wills Proved in the Consistory Court of Norwich and now Preserved in the District Probate Registry at Norwich 1370 to 1550.

1375 Mileham, Milhm, George de, parson of St. Margaret, Westreyngham 89 Heydon
1423 Mileham, Mylehm, John, cit. of Norwich, mason 109 Hyrnyng
1437 Mileham, Mylham, Myleham, Richard, vicar of Schypden, Sts. Peter and Paul 21 Doke
1452 Mileham, Myleham, John, Wodenorton, All Sts. 120 Aleyn
1527 Mileham, Mylham, Richard, Northwalsham 71 Groundesburgh

Thus, George de Mileham, whose will was proved in 1375, is the earliest known Mileham in England.  Whether he is an ancestor of the Milam family is unknown since his descendants are currently unknown, and it is unknown whether Mileham was his surname or simply his title.  In other words, his name could have been something like "George Smith" and his title "de Mileham," signifying he was "of" the town of Mileham.  The use of "de" seems to be a French custom and may give us a clue to his origins.  1375 was 309 years after the successful Norman (ie. French) Invasion of England by William, The Conqueror in 1066, but the Norman influence, control, and power must have been very strong even then.  William, The Conqueror placed many of "his people" in charge of the various regions of England in order to consolidate his power, and to rule and control England effectively.  Those alliances continued for some time.  George de Mileham could have been a descendant of one of these grantees.  More research is needed to understand the true story of George de Mileham.

Apparently, the Milehams took root in Norfolk, as is evidenced by the number of Mileham wills being proved there in the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries.  Not much else is known about these Milehams.  Procuring copies of the actual wills would, most certainly, provide greater insight into them, their ancestry, and their families.

IV.  Surrey, 1498:
Date:  10 February 1498
a.  Original Will of Clement Mylam of Kingston on Thames, Surrey
b.  Extract of Clement Mylam Will
Dept: Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Series: Prerogative Court of Canterbury and related Probate Jurisdictions: Will Registers
Piece: Name of Register: Horne
Catalog Reference: PROB 11/11

MARRIAGE:  no Mylam/Milam marriages 1542-1630, Kingston on Thames, Surrey
BAPTISM:  John, son of Thomas Mylam 27 Sep 1578; Wm, son of Thomas Mylam 27 Sep 1578, Kingston on Thames, Surrey.
BURIAL: John Mylame, son of Thomas 15 Sep 1569, Kingston on Thames, Surrey

V.  Cumberland, 1538:
By the 16th century, church records are found regarding several MILLAMs in St. Bees, Cumberland, England. 

The EARLIEST known:
BURIAL:  Jeneta, widow of Thomas Millam, 4 Feb 1538, St. Bees, Cumberland.
BAPTISM:  Edmond, son of John Millam, 21 Feb 1540, St. Bees, Cumberland.
MARRIAGE:  Edmd Millam md Elixabeth Moore, 2 Oct 1561, St. Bees, Cumberland.

Due to the 1538/40 dates, it is possible these families were present in Cumberland in 15th century.  Whether these MILLAMs were connected to the Norfolk MILEHAMs is currently unknown.  Interestingly, there are no "de Millam" names listed in these early Cumberland church records.  It should be noted here that there is a Millom Castle and a town named Millom in Cumberland, however these take their names from the fact that there is was mill nearby, and have no connection with the Millom, Millam, Mileham, Milam, Milham surnames.  The Millom Castle was owned by the Huddleston family, and never a Millom.

Later, in the early 18th century, an interesting group of seafaring MILHAMs appear in records of Whitehaven, Cumbria/Cumberland.  More on them later.

VI.  Berkshire, 1551:
The EARLIEST known:
BURIAL:  Thomas Myllam, buried 2 September 1551, St. Mary's Parish, Reading, Berkshire, England.
MARRIAGE: Thomas Millande, married Joan Dawbye, 23 January 1574, Thatcham, Berkshire, England.
BAPTISM:  Thomas, son of Thomas Mylam, baptised 1 October 1586, Thatcham, Berkshire, England.

VII.  Sussex, 1592:
The EARLIEST known:
Anthony Millam married Jone Lucar, 16 Apr 1592, Ardingly, Sussex, England.
BAPTISM:  Elizabeth, dau of Antony Millam, baptised 28 Jan 1593,
Ardingly, Sussex, England.
BURIAL:  Joan, wife of Anthonie Milam, buried 12 Sep 1605, Ardingly, Sussex, England.