Arborfield, Berkshire, England

John Milham 2nd Mar 1623
Anne Mileham 28th Jun 1676 Daughter of Mathew and Elizabeth
Mathew Mileham 19th Jan 1679 Son of Matthew & Elizab
Sarah Milam Nov 5th 1718 daughter of Thomas & Mary MILAM of Hurst
Mathew Milam January 15th 1722 Son of Mary & Thomas MILAM of Hurst
Elizabeth Millam September 14th 1732 Daughter of John & Ann MILLAM , but on Bishops Transcript is states George as the father
Charlotte Milham 24 dec 1797 daughter of James & Elizabeth MILHAM
Maria Milham May 12th 1799 daughter of James & Elizabeth MILHAM
James Mileham Jun 21st 1797 Son of Thomas & Sarah Milam DISSENTERS
John Mileham 19th Jun 1808 Son of James & Lucy MILEHAM
Eliza Mileham Dec 31st 1815 Daughter of John and Lucy Mileham labourer
Lydia Mileham jan 21st 1821 Daughter of John and Lucy Mileham Labourer
Harriet Mileham Mar 28th 1823 Daughter of John & Lucy MILEHAM Labourer
Hannah Mileham May 15th 1825 Daughter of Sarah Mileham Base born
Eliza Mileham Jun 5th 1834 Daughter of Ester Mileham of Newland
Emma Mileham Aug 17th 1834 daughter of James & Anne MILEHAM Labourer of Arborfield
George Mileham Mar 17th 1844 Son of William and Alice Mileham of Sindlesham Labourer
Susanne Mileham Dec 2nd 1810 Daughter of James & Lucy MILEHAM
William Mileham August 27th 1809 Son of William & Elizabeth MILEHAM
William Mileham Mar 20th 1818 Son of John & Lucy MILEHAM Labourer

Joane Mileham Oct 28th 1612 Note: a similar entry listed under 'HEATHER'
John Mileham jan 3rd 1613
Ann Millam November 29th 1718
Mathew Milam April 15th 1719
William Mileham Dec 20th 1847 aged 4 months The Union at Wargrave
Lucy Mileham Sep 26th 1852 aged 70
John Mileham April 15th 1860 aged 84
Harriet Mileham May 1st 1871 aged 46 from Union Wokingham
William Mileham May 31st 1872 aged 88
John James Mileham Jun 18th 1902 aged 76

Matthew Mileham and Avis Neawe July 27th 1609
Mathew Mileham and Elizabeth Ward April 28th 1673
Stileman Mileham and Eliza Phipps 13th June 1728