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Jordan S. Milam (1764-1851), gravestone

Benjamin Rush Milam (1788-1835)

John "Jacky" Milam, III (1789-1880) and wife, Milly Pitts (1802-1889)

Aaron C. Milam (1805-1883), wearing CSA Cross of Honor,
Emily C. Milam (1812-?) Cass Milam

Thomas Ferrill Milam, Sr. (1810-1862), CSA gravestone
& wife Margaret Amanda Bell (1815-1880)
(descendants: below)

Joseph Redding Milam (1811-1862)

Mahulda Jane Milum (1815-1891)

William Milam (abt 1815-1912), wife Mary Parthenia Nixon (1826-1913)

Benjamin N. Milam (1816-1894), wife Mary Elizabeth Leeper (1836-1926)

Jefferson Milam (1820-1862)

Isaac Belfield Milam (1820-1899), wife Rebecca Pickard (1819-1891)

James Morrow Milam (1821-1901), wife Dorcas Rebecca Harris (1825-abt 1865)

Martha Luisa Milam (1823-1922)

Polly Milam (1825-1911)

Dudley Milam (1826-1902), CSA Captain of cavalry

Richard Henry Milam (1826-1911) & Josephine Georganne Webb (1851-1929)

Rebecca Milam (1828-1911)

Jehu Leake Milam (1832-1914) & wife Sarah Slaton Pound (1832-1924)

Jehu Leake Milam (1832-1914)
& brothers
John Wesley, Henry Pickens, and Wiley Farrell

Margaret Salina Milam (1832-1916)

Capt. John Kelly Milam, CSA (1833-1909)

Francis Marion Milam, (1833-1907) & wife, Nancy Jane Wright (1839-1917)

John Milam (1834-1864), new CSA gravestone, and old gravestone

Wiley Farrell Milam (1835-1922), wife Betty Fuqua (1840-1904)

Lucas Coleman Milam (1836-1908), children

Monument at Lowes Creek Cemetery, Franklin County, Arkansas

Anthony Sandusky Milam (1837-1925)

Calaway Jackson Milam (1838-1898)

James Franklin Milam (1840-1911),  wife Nancy Isabelle Long (1845-1926)

Robert Ashley Milam (1840–1914)

William Alexander Milam (1842-1896), wife Martha A. Winfrey (1850-1900), and unk sister

Lucy Fannie Milam (1842-1903) and husband Henry Thomas Petty (1844-1911)

Thomas Ferrill Milam, Jr. (1844-1912)
Monument at Lowes Creek Cemetery, Franklin County, Arkansas

Sarah Louise Milam (1844-1936), Elender Luzina Milam (1838-1925),
Sophronia Paralee Milam (1848-1936).

Charlie Ferrill Milam (1846-1923)

William Aaron Milam (1846-1929), son Edward Walton Milam (1870-1966),
grandson Carl Milam (1893-1957)

John Thomas Milam (1847-1933)

William Henry Milam (1849-1918)

William Harrison Orville Milam (1850-1914)

Daniel Theophilus (Tobe) Milam (1850-1927)

Levica Emeline Milam (1850-1933)

Sarah Ann Milam (1850-1892), husband William Carlisle Phillips

I.  Benjamin Cave Milam and John W. Milam, makers of fine fishing reels
II.  Benjamin Cave Milam family gravesites

a.  Cornelius Coleman Milam (1852-1929)
Cornelius Coleman Milam family (ca. 1917)

Help!  >>>>>  c.  Unidentified Cornelius Coleman Milam relatives, ca. 1890's

David Walker Milam, Sr. (1853-1921)

Joel C. Milam (1853-1936)

Elizabeth (Bettie) Milam, b. ca. 1853, m. John William Murray

John Madison Milam (1854-1917)

John Thomas Milam (1874-1959) and wife Rhoda Elizabeth Wells (1880-1942)

Ancil Milam (1854-1922) and wife, Mary Louisa McGinnis (1857-1918)

William Bryant Milam (1854-1926), 2nd wife Olive Trago (1864-1951)

John Milton Milam's children, 1901

James H. Mileham (1855-1935), wife Emma Hayes (1860-1943), and family

Millie Josephine Milam (1855-1953) husband John Bowden Tilley (1849-1933)

Mary Eugenia Milam (1856-1900)

Samuel Edward Milam (1857-1945)

Alice Milam (1858-1940), husband Lake Kisner (1861-1923)

William Kirk Milam (1859-1932), wife Lula Glass, and daughter Ida Mae Milam

Family of John Thomas Milam (1860-1933), wife Martha Bearden

David Noble Milam (1861-1921)

Anna Milam (1861-1933) with her Bledsoe grandchildren

David Ferril Milam (1861-1937), wife Frances Schrader (?-1949)

Mary Ann Milam (1863-1953) & husband Thomas A. Shipley

Francis Marion Milam (1864-1923), wife Ella Jane Harris (1868-1963), children

Daughter and grand-daughter of Rebecca Milam (1840-?):
Mattie Elizabeth Ausborn (1864-1928),
Mattie Corine Harmon (1899-1985)

Harrison T. Milam (1865-1956)

Augustus Rush Milam (1867-1933)

Thomas Isaac Milam (1867-1937), wife Mary Mecie Hall, and family

Arthelus M. Milam (1867-1950), wife Laura Tabitha Doyle b. 1873, Kate Billie Milam b. 1894,
Arthelus M. Milam Jr. b. 1898 Charles Arthur Milam b. 1896

Belle Ray Milam (1868-1940), husband John A. Priest (1862-1933), and children

Mary Barbara Milam (1869-1949)

Mary E. Milam (1869-1961)

Letha Harriette Milam (1870-1897)

William Ivy Milam (1872-1922)

Mary Adeline Milam (1872-1932), and family, ca. 1912

James Calvin Milam (1872-1949), with sisters Mary Milam Sherry, Aurelia (Rillie) Milam Howse

John William Milam (1872-1948)

Charles Leeper Milam (1873-1969), wife Florence Regis (Loftis) Milam b. 1883,
and daughters, Portia Alice Milam b.1920, Mary E. Milam b. 1921, Cosma Loftis Milam b. 1917

Ida Olivia/Oliva Milam (1874-1911), daughter Lucille C. Dickson (1894-1992)

  Charles Henry Milam (1874-1959) and family

Levi Milam (1875-1954), and family, (ca. 1908)

Z. Cortez Milam (1875-1967), Benjamin Milam (1900-1924),
Arthur M Milam b. 1903, Sarah Florence (Harman) Milam (1878-1966)

Georgia Ann Milam (1875-1903), husband Luther Hosea, daughter Sophia

Amanda Milam (1876-1974), & husband William Engle

Sarah Iva Milam (1876-1975)

Joseph Lafayette Milam (1877-1957), wife Henrietta Burcham Milam (1878-1973),
and children: Alma (1898-1981), Curtis (1897-1988), Leward (1901-1987), Carl (1904-1980), Vera (1906-1988)

Victoria Vandoria Milam (1880-1955), husband Samuel E. Baker and family

Help! >>>>>   John Milam and brother, Dr. T. H. Milam

Daisy Blanche Milam (1881-1929)

Nellie Beulah Milam (1881-1953) & son, Jeff Bailey Atkinson

Dellar William Milam (1881-1962)

Melvina Milam (1882-1961)

Turner Richard Milam (1893-1965), Sudie K. Milam  (1882-1969),
Sallie Turner Milam (1871-1965), Aurelia Ann Milam (1880-1969)

Jo Anna Milam (1882-1972), husband Benjamin Edward Smith

James Bluford Milam

Lucile Milam

John Bell Milam (1882-1973)

Ava B. Milam (1884-1976), and sisters, Eleanor, Ada, Lora, Lottie Milam

Albert Jackson Milam (1885-1972), and family

Harvey Milam (1887-)

Harvey Milam & Frank Milam

Albert Ledford Milam, (1887-1951)

Milam's Bridge, near Euharlee, Bartow County, Georgia

Octavia Milam (1888-1940)

Alonzo Isaac Milam (1888-1976), wife Ella Elvira Volentine (1895-1955)

Frankie Lillie Milam (1889-1980), husband Lonzo Davis (1885-1938), family

Lillian Madison Milam (1889-1981)

Loretta May Milam

Lt. David Walker Milam, Jr. (1892-1976)

Henry Grady Milam, Rev. ( 1892-1976)

Lantha Lonzo Milam, (1892-?), wife Elizabeth Lester

Tom Milam (1893-1913)

William Roy Milam (1895-1950)

Dewitt Talmadge Milam (1895-1969) & wife, Esther Bristow (1895-1964)

Carl Edward Milam, Sr. (1903-1973)

Help!  >>>>> Unknown Milams (relatives of Carl Milam, above?)

Jesse Lee Milam (1895-1977), wife Etter Hopper

Collin Asbury Milam, Jr. (1897-1965)

Alma Christine Milam (1898-1981)

Vera Milam (1906-1988), Milam Family researcher and author

Curtis Postel Milam (1907-1985)

Tennis Alexander Milam (1911-1992) & Thomas Clifton Milam (1913-1974)


Special Photo:

Members of Franklin County, Arkansas Musical Normal School, 1905
Many are Milam descendants, or relatives of Milam descendants
(Very large, high resolution file, be patient)