Berkshire Inventories

william cockin edington hungerford brk dean of sarum will inv comm 10016 inventory of the goods of william cockin of edington in hungerford, who deceased 25 june 1641, taken 13 july 1641 by richard goddard and
bartholemew malam of north hiddinge [household goods in several chambers] bonds worth 92 (approx) likewise taken and prised by richard craly, william younge and thomas gerringe of the goods of william cockin one old croft which was his copyhold at westonninge in co bedford 20 aug 1641 4s sum 149-7s-6d signed richard goddard exhib 22 oct 1641 2) will of william cockin of edington husbandman dated 5 june 1638 aged and infirm to my nephew and godson richard cockin son of my brother john cockin late of westonning co beds to my nephew william cockin younger brother of the said richard cockin and to mary and sarah cockin his sisters my wife marrian cockin to be sole executrix [testator makes mark ] witnesses thomas barrett robert goddeerd frances glagrave 3) probate 22 october 1641 commiss fuit [etc] executri [etc]

ann clayton hungerford wil dean of sarum will inv 10068 1) inventory of the goods of daniel early of hungerford, shearman, taken 30 july 1641 by edmund stevens, john curre and william plaster [many implements of his trade are listed] sum total 24-2-10 signed: edmund stevens, william (x) plaster, john curre exhibited 22 october 1641 2) will of daniell early of hungerford, shearman. aged and very weak to my son william early my brother jason early of burlwood heath in the parish of little bedwin, husbandman to my wife elizabeth who has residue and is sole executrix to my daughter anne now the wife of john clayton,and their three children anne, marmy, and elizabeth clayton to my daughter elizabeth now the wife of richard bendall overseers: my friends bartholemew molam and anthonie goffe yeomen of hungerford. [testator makes his mark] witnesses: edmun stevens, joseph whittaker.
[above date is of inventory]

john waldron town lambourn brk archd berks will acc bond 10528 will and account of john waldron 1) will of john waldron the younger of chipping lamborn, gent dated 6 february 1665, in good health all my lands, tenemants etc in chipping lamborn, lamborn woodlands, bockhampton or elsewhere to my second son juriel waldron and his heirs and in default of heirs male of his body to my youngest son william waldron and in deafult [etc etc] to my eldest son john waldron and in default to my daughter joanna wareham wife of edward wareham gent, and in default [etc] to my daughter mary waldron [etc], my daughter damaris waldron etc my daughter persis waldron etc, my daughter emma etc, charged however with payments etc made by indenture between me john wadlron the younger on the one part and anthony stroud of baydon yeoman, bartholomew malyn of lamborn woodlands yeoman, henry paty of chipping lamborne and ellis stiff of chipping lamborn weaver on the other part the residue to my daughters persis and emma waldron who are joint executors (when they are 21) my wife to be barred from executorship overseers: [as in the indenture above] signed: jo: waldron witnesses: samuell dabbe, thomas stiffe, anth rider probate: not approved because executrixes are minors 17 march 1665 admons: with will annexed to johanna waldron vid natural mother of persis and emma waldron sum inventory: 195-2s 2) account of administratrix the inventory of goods etc 195-2s charges and expenses are as follows [mainly debts] [including] paid to william edden 5s to catherine waldron upon single bond 6-10s funeral expenses 7 catherine waldron 5s thomas bacon 3s john waldron 10 sum 208-3s-3d utltra vires inventory 13-1-3 approbamus hunc comput' ___ restat quieta. 3) bond: joanna waldron vidus and thomas stiffe of church lamborn cordwainer [both sign]

john keate hendred east brk archd berks will 10227 will of john keate dated 2 may 14wil3 1701 of east hendred, yeoman my mother well provided for, my mother elizabeth no children to my dear and well beloved wife joanne keate and to her heirs after the decease of my mother the tenement in which i live with the lands etc in east hendred belonging to it. to my wife my 12 acres of meadow in hurgrave in sutton courtenay my messuage in east hendred in the occupation of william thomas etc all my stock of cattle and corn joane to be sole executrix witnesses: richard mallan, anthony winterborne, william boote probate oxon 15 july 1702 to joane keate relict etc.

thomas stiles wantage brk dean & canons of windsor will 10788 will of thomas stiles of wantage yeoman, shoulder put out and leg broken in a fall wife joan stiles to thomas stiles my son and heir apparent 20s to my daughter johanna mailham 40 to my son joseph stiles 300 to my son stephen 250 to my son benjamin 300 to my daughter sarah 150 legacies to be paid out of my goods and chattals by jone my dear wife