The National Society of the 
Daughters of the American Revolution
Volume 124
  Mrs. Laura Milam Gillespie
DAR ID Number: 123250
Born in Ellettsville, Ind.
Wife of B. W. Gillespie

Descendant of Thomas Baird, as follows:
1. Francis Marion Milam (1828-63) m. 1854 Susannah McNeely (1827-97).
2. George Milam (1805-87) m. 1824 Mary Baird Chipman (1808-73).
3. Paris Chipman (1787-1838) m. 1807 Nancy Baird (b. 1787).
4. Thomas Baird m. 1st 1777 Esther Kilgore.

Thomas Baird (1749-1834) served as a private in Lieut. Daniel Smith's company, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania militia, under Col. Samuel Culbertson. He was born in Pennsylvania; died in Knox County, Ind.
Volume 128
  Mrs. Susan Nance Milam
DAR ID Number: 127703
Born in Cross Hills, S. C.
Wife of Wade Franks Milam

Descendant of Robert Rutherford, as follows:
1. Alfred Eugene (Shearer) Nance (Nance by adoption) (1847-98) m. 1866 Susan Maddox (1842-1912).
2. William Shearer (1816-62) m. 1843 Mary Elisabeth Nance (1822-72).
3. Robert Rutherford Nance (1795-1846) m. 1817 Mary Sharp Pope.
4. Frederick Nance (1770-1840) m. Elizabeth Rutherford (1772-1829).
5. Robert Rutherford m. Dorothy Ann Brooks (d. 1792).

Robert Rutherford (1734-1814) was a delegate to the first Provincial Congress of North Carolina. He was born in Nottoway County, Va.; died in Newberry, S. C.

Volume 159
  Mrs. Sarah Sullivan Milam
DAR ID Number: 158160
Born in Laurens County, S. C.
Wife of Edmund Milam

Descendant of Hewlet Sullivan, as follows:
1. Jared Dunklin Sullivan (1842-1912) m. 1868 Rosalie Moore (b. 1848).
2. Charles Pinckney Sullivan (1811-76) m. 1836 Sarah Smith (1816-45).
3. Hewlet Sullivan m. Mary Dunklin.

Hewlet Sullivan (1763-1830) served as private in the South Carolina troops under Captain Harvey, Colonels Twiggs and Hays. He was born in Virginia; died in Greenville County, SC.
Volume 159
  Mrs. Bettie Keenon Stagg
DAR ID Number: 158534
Born in Frankfort, Ky.
Wife of Thomas H. Stagg

Descendant of John Stephens, as follows:
1. Uberto Keenon (b. 1839) m. 1871 Annie Milam (1850-1900).
2. Benjamin Cave Milam (1821-1904) m. 1848 Martha Shockley (1826-85).
3. Thomas Shockley (1783-1850) m. 1817 Ann Stephens (1790-1876).
4. John Stephens m. 1785 Martha Faulkner (1767-1833).

John Stephens (1763-1842) served as private in the Virginia militia under Capt. Benjamin Johnson. He was born in Orange County, Va.; died in Franklin County, Ky.
Volume 164
  Mrs. Clara Buzzaird Tourner
DAR ID Number: 162668

Born in Spencer, Ind.
Wife of Frank F. Tourner

Descendant of Lieut. Thomas Baird, as follows:
1. John B. Buzzaird (1840-1917) m. 1860 Mary Alice Milam (1843-90).
2. George Milam (1805-89) m. 1824 Mary Baird Chipman (1808-73).
3. Paris Chipman (1787-1838) m. 1807 Nancy Baird (b. 1787).
4. Thomas Baird m. 1st Esther Kilgore (b. 1754).

Thomas Baird (1749-1834) received a pension for service as private and lieutenant in Colonel Clark's regiment, Pennsylvania troops. He was born in Falling Springs, Pa.; died in Bruceville, Knox County, Ind.
Volume 164, page 316
  Mrs. Adeline Partridge Milam
DAR ID Number: 163971
Born in Monticello, Fla.
Wife of Wiley Walter Milam

Descendant of John Partridge, as follows:
1. J. A. Partridge (b. 1874) m. 1894 Katheryn M. Partridge (b. 1873).
2. Benjamin Waring Partridge (b. 1846) m. 1873 Mary Denham (b. 1851).
3. John N. Partridge (1797-1851) m. 1825 Eliza Lavinia Waring (1807-91).
4. John Partridge m. Martha Hirons (d. 1826).

John Partridge (1755-1825) served as private in Colonel Hampton's regiment, Sumter's brigade, South Carolina troops. He was born and died in South Carolina.

Volume ???


Ms. Andrea Milam Rodgers
DAR ID Number: 849022
Born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Descendant of Rush Milam, as follows:
1. Rush Milam b: October 15, 1759 Culpeper County, Virginia d: Abt. July 29, 1850 Kanawha County, Virginia
2. Benjamin Rush Milam b: August 09, 1804 Botetourt County, Virginia d: September 29, 1865 Kanawha County, West Virginia 
3. Colonel Leftwich/Leftridge Milam b: August 26, 1840 d: April 06, 1908
4. Claude Egbert Milam b: May 05, 1886 Kanawha County, West Virginia d: October 16, 1961 Weirton, West Virginia
5. William Freer Milam, Sr. b: June 19, 1912 Second Creek, West Virginia d: August 14, 1993 Wintersville, Ohio

Rush Milam served in the Revolutionary War, enlisting in 1780 in the Bedford County, Virginia Militia under Capt. Alexander Cummins, Col. Meriweather's Regiment, General Lawson's Brigade. He was born in Culpeper County, Virginia and died in Kanawha County, West Virginia.