Captain John Mylam of Bristol, England
Who Died in Virginia, 1701

Solve this mystery!:
What happened to his children?  Are there living descendants today?
See discussion below for leads!  Good luck!

Please look over the following information to see if there is anything you can do on your side of the Atlantic to help trace these new leads.  This is all the info we currently have.  See discussion at the end.  Someone able to search more Bristol or PRO sources would be very helpful.  Thanks for any help.

1.  20 January 1701-1 February 1701
Shippers by the John, Mr. John Mylam, bound from Bristol for Virginia: Richard Gottley & Co., Richard Pope, Lady Crumpe, Michael Pope, John Jenkins, James Moone, William Galbraith, Stephen Baker. (PRO: E190/1159/2).

Above: John Mylam left Bristol, England for Virginia as the Captain of the ship JOHN.

2. Bristol, England port records verify that the ship John left port February 1, 1701 for Virginia, but the John returned to Bristol in December 1701 with Richard Pope as the ship's master!  Richard Pope, was the merchant-passenger listed above, when it left Bristol.  This verifies the previous speculation that this John Mylam, master of the John is the same John Milam who died in Virginia in 1701, and his probate proceedings were recorded at the PCC, as stated by the next record.

Above: The ship JOHN returns to Bristol, but John Mylam is not the Captain.  Richard Pope is the Captain.

3. The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1607-1776
December 1701
Grants made in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, London: Administration of John Milam of Bristol, who died in Virginia; (AW).

4. National Genealogical Society Quarterly, p. 280
Milam, John, of City of Bristol, died in Virginia. Administration to Dorothy Dyer, wife of Edward Dyer, aunt and guardian of the minor children John and Elizabeth Milam. (Dec 1701).

5.   John Mylam, sailor, found in records of St. Mary Redcliffe of Bristol, England.  He married 25 Jul 1691 to Mary Hopkins. Bondsman was Wm Hopkins, Bristol, parish clerk. On 18 Jul 1692 John Mylam had a son named John. His wife Mary Hopkins Mylam died 18 Jul 1692.   John Mylam had a daughter named Elizabeth born/baptized 28 June 1699. Apparently, John Mylam remarried 1693-1698.

The new info we have on "John Mylam who died in Virginia" (JMDV) provides some very interesting new leads.

The new leads that need to be traced are:

1.  We don't know anything about this JMDV other than he was Captain of the ship JOHN when he died in Virginia in 1701 while on voyage from Bristol, England.  Where & when was he born?  Who were his father and siblings?  We know he married Mary Hopkins in Bristol in 1691 and that she died in 1692 during the birth of JMDV Jr.  We know JMDV re-married, and had a daughter, Elizabeth in 1699.  We do not know the name of his 2nd wife, but apparently she also died in childbirth, since during the probate of his estate Dorothy Dyer was appointed guardian of John and Elizabeth.

Edward Dyer and his wife Dorothy Dyer were guardians to JMDV's 2 children, John Jr. and Elizabeth Milam.  Who are these Dyers, where did they live, did they ever leave England for America?  What property was bequeathed to John and Elizabeth?  The record says Dorothy Dyer was AUNT to the children, which means she was either JMDV's sister or sister of one of his 2 wives.  So the possibilities for Dorothy Dyer's maiden name are:  Dorothy Milam, Dorothy Hopkins, or Dorothy the surname of his 2nd wife. 

3.  Whatever happened to JMDV Jr. and Elizabeth?  Who did she marry?  Did they stay in Bristol?  Come to America?

4.  John Mylam, Jr. was born 1692.  Given a normal lifespan, he should have lived to 1750-1770+.  Who were possible John Milams living during this period?

Thanks for any new info or clues.