Native-American Milams

Researching Native American genealogy has its own set of difficulties since they had special censuses, special land reservations, special culture, and suppressed visibility in traditional government documents.  American pioneers often intermarried with Native Americans.  In order to better understand Milam Family History, this unique aspect of its American culture needs to be researched and studied.  

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Family Trees:

Russell Milam, Sr. & Narcissa Sizemore, ca. 1822

James Morrow Milam, Sr. & Dorcas Rebecca Harris, ca. 1825
Picture of Dorcas

William Guinn Milam & Sarah Ellen Couch, ca. 1860

Arthelus Martin Milam & Laura Tabitha Doyle, ca. 1873


Dawes Roll Index, 1898: MILAM listings

Guion-Miller Roll Index, 1909: MILAM listings

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National Archives Search: Dawes Roll (all surnames)

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