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Data Records of England
These transcriptions contain birth, marriage, & burial data

1.  The following are transcriptions of the original records:
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cumstbee.jpg (113052 bytes)St. Bees, Cumbria/Cumberland County, England





whitehav.jpg (94025 bytes)St. Bees con't, Cumbria/Cumberland County, England




whitestn.jpg (87936 bytes)St. Nicholas, Cumbria/Cumberland County, England



henley.jpg (109639 bytes)Henley-on-the-Thames, Oxfordshire, England




arbfield.jpg (79308 bytes)Arbourfield, Berkshire, England




reading.jpg (74123 bytes)St. Mary's, Reading, Berkshire, England




thatcham.jpg (168239 bytes)Thatcham, Berkshire, England



warfield.jpg (89921 bytes)Warfield, Berkshire, England



                             Kingston-on-Thames, Greater London, England

                     Arbourfield, Berkshire, England

                     Barkham, Berkshire, England

                     Finchampstead, Berkshire, England

                     Berkshire, England Inventories

                     Ardingly, Sussex, England 

                     John Mylam of Bristol, England, 1701

2.   Extracted from the International Genealogical Index (IGI):






Place: England

abt 1543 Melham, John


Collie, Elizabeth S Bradford, Essex
23 Jan 1561 Millam, Johes C Millam, Jacob F St. Bees, Cumberland
27 Sep 1578 Mylam, John C Mylam, Thomas F Kingston UT, Surrey
27 Sep 1578 Mylam, Willm C Mylam, Thomas F Kingston UT, Surrey
29 Sep 1582 Milam, Elizabeth


Thatcham, Berkshire
4 Jul 1580 Millam, Johes C Millam, Edmndi F St. Bees, Cumberland
5 Jun 1586 Millam, Johes S Haill, Jeneta S St. Bees, Cumberland
15 Jan 1586 Mileham, Alice C Mileham, John F Hurst, Berkshire
3 Mar 1587 Mileham, Raphe C Mileham,Raphe F Hurst, Berkshire
12 Jan 1588 Millam, Andrewe C Millam, John F Hurst, Berkshire
26 Jan 1589  Milam, Thomas Story, Joane  Hurst, Berkshire
20 Jan 1589 Milham, John C Cols, John F Chichester, Sussex
25 Oct 1590 Mileham, Johan C Mileham,Thomas F Hurst, Berkshire
07 May 1591 Mileham, Ann C Mileham, John F Hurst, Berkshire
04 Feb 1592 Mylehm,William C Mylehm,Thomas F Hurst, Berkshire
26 Jan 1594 Myleham, Mawlyn C Myleham,Thomas F Hurst, Berkshire
07 July 1594 Myleham, Alice C Myleham, John F Hurst, Berkshire
07 Dec 1600  Mileham,William  Mileham,Thomas  Hurst, Berkshire 
16 Feb 1603 Myleham, Andrewe C Myleham,Thomas F Hurst, Berkshire
02 Feb 1605 Mileham, Elizabethe M Leach, Lawrence H Hurst, Berkshire
24 Feb 1610 Myllam, John C Myllam, George F Worth, Sussex
11 Jan 1617 Mylam, John C Mylam, Thomas F N. Walsham, Norfolk
17 Oct 1619 Millham, Johannes C Millham, Leonardi F Shipley, Sussex
14 Jan 1620 Mylam, Robar C Mylam, Thomas F N. Walsham, Norfolk
5 Dec 1624 Millam, Johames C Millam, Leonardi F Shipley, Sussex
22 Jun 1628 Millam, Johnes S Chrostwhat,Mabella S St. Bees, Cumberland
11 Oct 1629 Mylam, Thomas C Mylam, Thomas F N. Walsham, Norfolk
27 Apr 1634 Milam, Thomas C Milam, Thomas F Hurst, Berkshire
28 Mar 1635 Mylam, Mary C Mylam, Robart F N. Walsham, Norfolk
20 Oct 1637 Milam, Andrew  Milam, Andrew  Hurst, Berkshire
30 Sep 1638 Milam, Ann 

Frith, William  Hurst, Berkshire
 1 Aug 1676 Mylam, Richard  Mylam, Henry  GBK, Yorkshire 
26 Apr 1680  Mylam, Rob  Mylam, Worter  Norwich, Norfolk