New Milam Court Records


1. 1798 Sumner County, Tennessee Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions, 1798 Deed of Gift from Robert Espey to John Espey & Alexander Espey for all & singular the present estate of the said Robert was proved by Drury Milam.



Transcript of Monroe County, Mississippi Court document 1858:

The State of Mississippi Monroe County

Before me Johnson Bickerstaff an acting Justice in and for said county personally appeared William Atkins, to me well known, who being first duly sworn deposes and says that he was personally acquainted with John Milam in his lifetime, that he knew said Milam from about the year 1805 or 1806 up to the time of his decease in 1838, that he first knew said Milam in South Carolina, that said affiant was a resident of Laurens District, South Carolina at the time of the marriage of the said John Milam and Polly Milam, whose name is signed to the foregoing declaration witch is hereto attached, but was not present when they were married; that (…illegible…) said John Milam and said Polly lived and cohabited together as man and wife from about the year 1813 up to the time of the decease of the said John in 1838.

Affiant further states that he knows of his own knowledge that the said John Milam was a revolutionary pensioner, that at the time he received his pension he was a resident of Madison County, Alabama where he resided from about 1819 to the time of his decease in 1838 when this affiant was present at his decease and burial, and affiant further states that he knows that Polly Milam is the widow of the said John Milam who was a pensioner at the time of his decease and that she is now a widow and has been ever since the decease of her said husband.

Sworn and subscribed before me this the 20th day of April, 1858.

Johnson Bickerstaff Justice of the Peace William Atkins (signature)