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Unconnected Milam Family Trees
The following Milam families are not yet connected to the main lines of
John Milam of Halifax County, Virginia, nor Thomas Milam of Bedford County, Virginia.
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Harris Milam b. abt 1792
m: Mary Polly September 09, 1813
Person County, North Carolina

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John Kelly Milam b. May 20, 1815

Alfred Milam b. abt 1810
m. Elizabeth Robison
Tazewell County, Virginia

William W. Milam (1815-1910)
m. Elizabeth Phelps (1817-1895)

Adam Milam (abt. 1824-?)
m. Tilda Foster b. abt 1828
Ashe County, NC

James H. Mileham (1825-1892)
m. Nancy Ridgeway February 15, 1848
Mt. Pulaski, Illinois

Benjamin R. Milam
b: November 01, 1827 d: January 18, 1883
Pike County, Missouri
m. Christiena T. Roberts November 30, 1852, Missouri

John Milam
b: Abt. 1827, Indiana

m. Sarah
b: Abt. 1828, Pennsylvania

Louis/Lewis Milam b. 1837
m. Alzina Morse/Morris? b. 1849, poss New York

Benjamin Franklin Milam
m. Laura E. Linville, November 11, 1883
Breslan, Texas