Advanced Research
The objective here is to list ALL records of the colonial period in which
MILAMs, and individuals connected to MILAMs, are mentioned.
This will facilitate efficient study and analysis of our early ancestors and
it will be based on ALL of the information and data available.

Please submit every new record you discover
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Background History
Chronology of Colonial America: 1492-1763
New World Chronology: 1600-1625

Portrait of John Winthrop
Earliest Milams
Maps of Boston Region
Virginia Milams
Maps of Atlantic Region

Family Trees
Boston Mylams

I. Chronology of New England Mylams
Elizabethe Mileham of Salem
John Mylam of Boston
Humphrey Mylam of Boston
Samuell Mylam of Plymouth
Friends or Associates of above

Maylem Family Records
Ancillary Records

II. The Boston Mylams in Ireland & Maryland
John Mylam
Ebeneser Mylam
John Mylam, Jr.


III.  Seafaring Milams

IV. 18th Century Colonial Milams
Edward Milum of Maryland, 1711-1718
Joseph Milum of western Virginia, ca. 1715
Samuel Mileham of Lancaster County, Virginia, 1724
Samuel Milam of Carteret, North Carolina, pre-1730
William Milam Baltimore, Maryland 1730

Thomas Molim who died Goochland County, Virginia, 1730
Thomas Milam of Bedford County, Virginia, 1747
James Milam of Brunswick County, Virginia, 1752
John Milam of Brunswick County, Virginia, 1752
Edward Milam of Brunswick County, Virginia, 1752-1784
John Milam of Halifax County, Virginia, 1756

Grace Milam of Goochland County, Virginia, 1756
Adam Milam of Brunswick County, Virginia, 1760
Samuel Mylom of Goochland County, Virginia, 1764

Samuel Mileham of Delaware, 17??
Joseph Mileham/Milam of Pennsylvania, 1771
William Mileham of Pennsylvania, 1775

Moses Millem of Baltimore, Maryland, 1830

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