John Mylam of Boston
(aka Milam/Milom/Millam


December 12, 1611
John Mylam:  b/c: December 12, 1611, St. Mary's Parish, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, England  d: 1662 Waterford, Ireland
Wife:  Christian m: Abt. 1635 poss England  d: Aft. 1664, poss. Waterford, Ireland
Father:  John Mylam, Sr., b. bef. 1592; 
Mother:  Faith Woodroffe b: bef. 1595 m: February 04, 1609/10 Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, England

"John Mylam arrived in Boston in 1635 or earlier and received fourteen acres of land at Muddy River for the town; he was, therefore, one of the poorer sort. But in the 1640's he built a small fortune as a cooper, Mill Creek proprietor, and speculator in town plots. At mid decade he had a half-dozen servants and one-eighth shares in the ships Zebulon, John, and Supply; his trading activities abroad were sufficient to warrant his investing (with merchants William Tyng, Robert Keayne and Thomas Fowle) in an independent navel expedition against the "Turkish" pirates plaguing the shipping lanes around the Canaries.
Cit:  Winthrop's Boston, Portrait of a Puritan Town, 1630-1649.  by Rutman, Darrett B., University of NC Press: Chapel Hill.  "Boston in New England"

Genealogical Register of the First Settlers of New England; Author: John Farmer; Call Number: R929.1 F233
This book contains a genealogical register of the first settlers of New England.

MYLAM, ║JOHN, a cooper, was admitted a member of the church in Boston 1635, freeman 1636, member of the ar. co.1641. He had sons, Benjamin, b.1639; John, b.1640; Eliasaph, b. 1642; Samuel, b. 1644; Ebenezer, b.1646, and Joseph, b.1651. John Maylem, possibly of this family, grad. at H. C. 1715.  (This speculation that the John Maylem mentioned here was possibly a member of John Mylam's family is incorrect.)

November 3, 1635/January 3,1636
John and wife, Christian admitted to church. (source: Thwing Project, MHS)

John, cooper, Boston, with wife Anne [Oliver: Anne??? Short for full given name: Christian???] adm. chh. 3 (11) 1635; frm. May 25, 1636. Had liberty to wharf before his property 27 (9) 1643. Made agreement with Wm. Franklin to pay certain tolls for vessels coming up the stream for his use or for the mill. Wife Christian; ch. Benjamin bapt. 10 (11) 1635, Constance b. 25 (10) 1638, John b. 18 (7) 1640, Eleazer b. 30 (7) 1642, Samuel b. 15 (6) 1644, Ebenezer b. 6 (3) 1646, Elizabeth bapt. 30 (11) 1647, ae. about 9 days, Samson bapt. 2 (6) 1649, ae. about 2 days, Joseph b. 26 (12) 1651.


November 10, 1635
Benjamin of John Mylam 10 day 11 mo.

August 17, 1636/October 17,1636
The 17 of the 8th moneth, 1636. Also another layne to be left to goe from the water side up the balke or meare that goes up from the end of John Mylam's house, next William Aspenall's [Aspinwall] ground, and to goe along to the Mylne Cove a Rod and a halfe broade.

November 8, 1636/January 8, 1637
The 8th of the 11th moneth, called January, 1637. Att a meeting this day of Thomas Leveritt, William Hutchinson, William Coulborne, John Coggeshall, William Aspenall [Aspinwall], John Sanford, Robte Harding, William Balstone, James Penne and Jacob Ellyott, it is agreed that

John Martyn, shipcarpenter, shall have a housplott.

John Mylam, fourteene acrs: bounded on the South East with Richard Fairbancke, being 80 Rodd in length to the South West and North East, and on Robte Walker to the North West.  Robte Walker, fourteene acrs: bounded on the South East with John Mylam, on the Northwest with James Davisse, and a fresh marsh by Newtowne, being 80 Rodd in length to the Southwest and North East.

December 29, 1637
John Milom of Boston, Coop., granted unto Francis Smith of Boston his p't in the dwelling house of Wm. Hudson, senior, beinge fourty pounds sterl. (the whole being 130??): and this was by an absolute deed of sale, dat. 29 (12) 1637. (BP 126) State St. corner of Kilby St.

March 1, 1638
John Cole, son of Samuel Cole: March 01, 1638/39, apprenticed as a cooper to John Mylam of Boston. John COLE, born 1625 in Mersea, England; died 1707 in Wickford, England, New York or Rhode Island, or Massachusetts. He was the son of Samuel COLE and Ann ..... He married Susanna HUTCHINSON December 30, 1651 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts. Susanna HUTCHINSON, born November 15, 1633 in Alford, Lincolnshire, England; died 1713 in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. She was the daughter of William HUTCHINSON and Anne MARBURY.

October 25, 1638
Constance of John & Christian Milom born 25th day 10th month.
Constance of John Mylam 16 day 7 mo.

December 15, 1639
Benjamin of John & Christian Milom died 15th day 12th month.

July 18, 1640
John of John & Christian Milom born 18th day 7th month.
John of John Mylam 13 day 7 mo

Roll of the Ancient & Honorable Artillery Company of Massachusetts (1641)

John Manning. Robert Bridges. Adam Offley. Joshua Hobart. John Humfrey, Jr. John Severne. Thomas Barker. William Torrey. Jeremiah Howchin. Nathaniel Howard. Samuel Eldred. Edward Collins. Stephen Winthrop. George Palmer. John Milam. Thomas Parish. John Hardier. John Townsend. John Nuton. John Mousall. John Westgate. John Biggs.

April 28, 1642:
At a Cort at Boston 28th. 2nd Moth. 1642.
Present. The Governor. Mr. Winthrop. Mr. Dudley. Mr. Stoughton. Increase Nowell.

"Elisha Jackson was with his owne consent turned over for his time, from George Barrell, to John Millam."

Cit:  Massachusetts, John Noble, and John F. Cronin. Records of the Court of Assistants of the Colony of the Massachusetts Bay, 1630-1692. Boston: Pub. by the county of Suffolk, 1901, Page 118.

September 30, 1642.
Eleasaph son of John & Christian Milom born 30th day 7th month.
Eleazer of John Mylam, aged about 4 days 2 day 8 mo.

Charlett, Nicholas, Boston 1642, in the employm. of John Mylam, freem. 1645, when the Col. Rec. gives his name Chelett; by w. Catharine had Eliz. b. 15, bapt. 20 July 1645, d. in two mos.; and Mary. In July 1646 he was excomn. and prob. d. in few yrs. His wid. m. Richard Haughton of New London, bore him sev. ch. and d. 9 Aug. 1670.

March 5, 1643/4:
At a Quarter Cort. at Boston the 5th. of ye 1st Moth 1643/1644
The Governor. The Deputie GOVr. Mr. Dudley. Mr. Bellingham. Mr Winthrop junr. Mr. Bradstreet. Mr. Hibbens. Mr. Fflint. Mr. Symonds. Increase Nowell.

John Milam appearing, & declaring hee had the cloth of Mr. Stoughton for 9s. hee was discharged.

Cit:  Massachusetts, John Noble, and John F. Cronin. Records of the Court of Assistants of the Colony of the Massachusetts Bay, 1630-1692. Boston: Pub. by the county of Suffolk, 1901, Page 139.

September 27, 1643
This 27th of 9th mo., 1643. At a generall Townes meeting upon lawfull warning. At a meeting this day of John Winthrop, Esqre, Governor, Wm. Hibbens, Gent., Wm. Tynge, Treasurer, Wm. Colbron, Jacob Eliot, John Oliver.

Thomas Clarke, late of Dorchester, hath liberty to wharfe before his proprietye in the milfield against the sea.
The like libertye is granted to John Milam before his present dwelling howse.
The like liberty of wharfing is granted unto Valentine Hill before his proprietye in the milfield, provided that a libertye of comon landing be reserved betweene the wharfe's of Valentine Hill and John Milam aforesaid. (TR 2:76) (also Thwing Project, MHS)

June 15, 1644

Samuel of John Milom born 6th month.
Samuel of John Mylam, aged about 3 days 18 day 6 mo.

12 November 1644
Cit:  Massachusetts, and Nathaniel Bradstreet Shurtleff. Records of the Governor and Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England. Printed by Order of the Legislature. Boston: W. White, printer to the commonwealth, 1853, Page 79.

At a Session begining the 30th of the 8th Mo, 1644.

9 Mo, 12
Mr Thom : Bredcake was granted a warrant to receive two small guns from Winter Island by Salem. Mr Willi: Tyng, Capt Robrt Keayne, & John Milam are security for the redelivry of them there, or the valewe of them, by midsomer next.

Mr Thomas Fowle is granted the 2 small guns, pvided hee give security to returne them by midsomer next.

February 7, 1645

A copie of a Deed of Sale of the shipp Rainbowe from James Smith unto Thomas ffowle & Robert Hardinge of Boston Merchts for the sume of sixe hundred & fourty pounds in hand payd, wch deed was dated the 7th of ffebruary anno Regis Caroli XXIo. Anno Christi: 1645
James Smith & a seale.
Valentine Hill
John Milom
Wm Goose
Samuel Scarlet

May 14, 1645:
Cit:  Massachusetts, and Nathaniel Bradstreet Shurtleff. Records of the Governor and Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England. Printed by Order of the Legislature. Boston: W. White, printer to the commonwealth, 1853, Page 98.

At a Cort of Election, at Boston, the 14th of the 3rd Month, @ 1645.

It is ordred, yt John Mileham & Thom: Lake shall take a true inventory of ye goods in ye ship Rainbowe, & belonging to her, & safely bestowe ym in some sellar, togethr wth ye sailes & othr moveables in ye said ship, & returne ye said inventory & key of ye sellar to ye Cort, wth what convenient speed may be; also to inquire after any goods wch may already be come a shore, wch are to be bestowed wth ye othr.

Date prob: 1645
A Copy of a Bill of Sale of a 1/16 of the Defence from
Major Bourne to Mr John Leverit & Anthony Stoddard.  Also a Copy of a tre of John Emmons to John Milom.

Date prob: 1645
An Attest unto a Copie of
Lewis Morris procuration unto John Milam in NE to Attach &c: & arrest the pson of Thomas Cromwell for the satisffaction of 550li pd by Lewis Morris wherein they were mutually ingaged.

May 26, 1645
This 26th of 3d mo., 1645. At a meeting this day of John Winthrop, Esqre., Deputy Governor, Wm. Colbron, Valentine Hill, Deacons, Edward Tynge, James Penn, John Oliver

It's Ordered, that speedy notice shall be given by the Constables to John Milam to repaire and make safe the passage over the bridge neere Leonard Buttles howse, within three dayes after notice given, under the poenalty of 20s. to be distrayned by the Constables.

December 20, 1645/February 20, 1646
John Milom (cooper) deeds to Alexander Adams house and land formerly the possession of John Seabury; Isaac Grosse N.W., Walter Merry S.E. and S.W., bay N.E., << acre. (SD 1:279).

February 19, 1646
John Milom sold workshop and lands to George Dell. (SD 1:285) North St., E. corner of Cross St.

March 6, 1646
Ebenezer of John & Christian Milom born 6th -- 3rd month
Ebenezer of John Mylam aged about 4 day 10 day 3 mo.

July 20, 1646
Know all men by these presents that I
Capt Thomas Cromwell do acknowledge my selfe Accountable to Lewis Morrice or his Assignes in the summe of foure hundred pounds sterling, wch said summe I do oblige my selfe to pay unto John Milom Atturney unto the said Lewis Morrice in manner & forme following, vizt one hundred & fifty pound in the good ship called the Expectation whereof John Turner is Mercht. & fifty pounds by Major Robert Sedgwick, one hundred pounds by Capt Harding & the remainder in Copper & other Comodities, unto wch payments well and truly to be made I do firmly bind my selfe mine executrs & administrators by these presents, witnes my hand this xxth of July 1646.
subsc: Thomas Cromwell & Signed & Delivered a seale.
in the presence of William Aspinwell Notarius publ

August 3, 1646
ffurther I the said Notary do certifye that the wth in named John Milom according to the power above given hath compounded & agreed wth Capt Thomas Cromwell & received satisfaction & thereuppon hath given a generall Release unto the said Capt Cromwel. In witnes of the truth whereof I have hereunto put my hand this 3d day of August 1646. This was adjoyned unto the Copie of the tre of Atturney mencioned in the former page.

August 16, 1646
Capte Robert Harding doth Covenant wth John Milom that the Shipp Supplie shall goe no neerer London than Margaret Rode, & if she doe then doth he release John Milom from his securitie added to the sale of the eight part of the said shipp witnes his hand. the 16. (8) 1646.
Robart Hardinge

December 16, 1646
To all Christian people to whom this prsent writeing shall come I John Milom of Boston in New England Coop send greeting. Know yee that I the said John Milom for good causes mee moveing & for a valuable consideration by mee received of Nathaniell Long of Boston Mercht doe by these prsents fully freely & absolutely give grant bargaine sell & confirme unto the said Nathaniell Long his heires Executors or assignes one eight part of the good ship called the John of Boston of the burden of seventy Tunns or thereabouts together wth one eight part of her goods powder shott sailes rigging masts cables Anchors boate & all other things belonging unto her the said shipp or freight, to have & to hould the said shipp wth all things belonging to her to the pper use & behoofe of the said Nathaniell Long his heires Executors administrators or assignes for ever. And I the above said John Milom doe for my selfe my heires Executors administrators & assignes hereby warrant & make good this sale & bargaine of the above said Ship against all & every pson or psons whatsoever that shall lay any claime unto the above said ship by vertue or prtence of any former sale or any other claime whatsoever & this warrant to stand in force for one whole yeare & a day according to the lawe of Oleron: fyre water enemies casualties of the seas & imbargoes of princes only excepted.
In witnes whereof I the said John Milom have hereunto sett my hand & seale Decembr 16th 1646.
John Milom & a seale.
Signed & dd in prsence of us.
Thomas Clarke
James Lake
John Checkley

This writeing above was also by the said Nathaniell Long presented to me the said Notary the day & yeare above written. so signed sealed & attested.

December 26, 1646
John Milom of Boston for good and valueable consideration by him received the 26 (12) 1646, hath granted unto James Hawkins of Boston a p'cell of Marsh in Boston, being bounded on the northeast with a smale p'cell of marsh reserved for a wharfe: the highway southeast: Mr. Bellingham southwest: and a smale p'cell of marsh reserved for a wharfe northwest: being on the N. E. fifty foote: on the southeast sixty foote: on the southwest one hund'd and twenty foote, and on the N. west one hund'd and fifteen foote: with liberty for the sd. James his heires and assignes to bring any vessell or vessells into the said Creeke or the branch thereof, and to land any goods for the use of his or theire families uppon the said marsh rescrved for a wharfe or wharfs to be erected without paying wharfage or any other taxe saveing six pence for a boate if they open the bridge. Provided the goods so landed lye not uppon the sd. reserved marsh or wharfe above six houres after they are so landed. And this was by a deed sealed and delivered in presence of William Aspinwall, Notary publ.

February 26, 1647
The 26th, 2d mo., 1647. A metenge of Mr. Wm. Colbourne, Jacob Eliot, Mr. Anthony Stodder, Tho. Marshall, James Everill, Mr. Wm. Davice, James Penn.
John Milam hath liberty to wharfe afor the highway that lys next him.

July 11, 1647
Edward Wells granted unto David Selleck his house and garden in Boston bounded with Sampson Shore north east: the Cove southeast: John Milom southwest: and John Hills garden northwest, and this was by an absolute deed of sale dated 11 (7) 1647, and acknowledged before Mr. Winthrop, Gover
. 14 (7) 1647.

September 7, 1647
Mark Hawes(*) granted unto John Sweete all that parcell of the shopp (formerly John Milom's) then in possession of the s'd Marke Hawes, and that parcell of ground towards the sea, conteineing in breadth fourteen foote and halfe, and two ynches, and in length as far as the said Milom had any right to grant; and also that parcell of ground on the back side, contein'g in breadth sixteene foote and halfe, and in length twentysixe foote, with all privileges, &c.; and this was by an absolute assignement, dated 7 (9) 1647; acknowledged before mee, William Aspinwall, Notarius pub. This is assigned to John Farnam, Lib. 2. Vide page 30, in Cullimore's

September 20, 1647
John Mylam (cooper) deeds to Thomas Clarke a cove or harbor, lying with the sluice gates ast the N. side of the mill pond, John Copp and John Shaw, N. (SD 1:307)

October 27, 1647
John Milom did constitute Mrs Elisabeth Poole of Westminster Widdow his Atturney to recover & receive &c: of mr Tho: Burton Master of the Expectation the sumes of 20li. & 30li. due by two severall Bills. dated 27 (10) 1647. granting her power to substitute others. wth power irrevocable.

November 30, 1647
Elizabeth of John Mylam aged about 9 days 30 day 11 mo.

December 27, 1647
Know all men by these pesents that I Tho: Burton of London Master of the good shipp called the Expectation do acknowledge to owe unto John Milom of Boston in New England Coop the sume of twenty pounds sterl to be paid unto the said John Milom his execut Administr or Assignes uppon the 30th day of Novembr next ensueing the date hereof. To wch paymt well & truly to be made I do bind mee my heires Execut & Adminst: firmly by these pesents. In witnes whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seale the xxviith day of Decembe. An. Dni. 1647.
Thomas Burton & a seale
Sealed & dd in the pesence of
John Dane
John Turner

Indorsed I John Milom of Boston in New Engl. Coop do assigne this bill of twenty pounds to Mrs Elizab: Poole of Westminster or to her assignes to her or theire pp. use witnes my hand. this 28th Dec: 1647
witness hereunto
Anthony Stoddard

John Milom
William Aspinwall not. publ.

January 6, 1648
Know all men whom these prsents shall concerne that I John Turner mercht doe bind my selfe Administrato's or Assignes to pay unto John Milom of Boston Coop or his Assignes the summe of twenty shillings p month for every month that
Samuel Lamb servant to the sd John Milom shal be in my service. As also to find the sd Samuel Lamb meat drink apparell & convenient washing & lodging dureing the time of his residence wth me. in testimonie hereof I have hereunto set my hand this 6 day of January. 1648
John Turner.
I also attested a Copie.

March 2, 1648
John Milom granted to Thomas Marshall a p'cell of land in Boston neere to the watermill, bounded with the mill Creek northeast: Thomas Marshall southwest: the high way northwest: and John Milom southeast: being seventy six foote on that side next Thomas Marshall and seventie foure foure(*) foote at the Creeke, thirty foote on the southeast side and fourtie foure on the northwest: with libertie of egresse and regresse in the sd. Creek with boats, lighters and other vessells as he shall have occasion. And it is agreed that the sd. Tho: Marshall shall not build any neerer the Creeke than the now dwelling house of the sd. Milom, and that he shall not hinder the mills going by any vessel or vessells in the Creeke. Dat. 2 (3) 1648, and acknowledged before Mr. Rich. Bellingham, 8 (6) 1648. (BP 27). Mill Creek and Hanover St.

April 7, 1648/June 7, 1648
a. John Milom of Boston granted unto James Nash of Waymouth, a certaine parcell of marsh in Boston, being fourty foote in breadth at the front, bounded with the Mill creeke southwest; the highway northwest: Mr. Wm. Ting northeast and southeast, as farr as low water marke: and this was by a deed, dated and sealed before William Aspinwall, Notary publ. 7 (4) 1648.

b. John Milam grants to James Nash of Weymouth, a parcel of marsh; Mill Creek S.W., highway N.W., William Ting N.E., and S.E. to low water mark. (BP 137). North St., E. side of Mill Creek.

April 16, 1648
John Milom granted unto John Phillips all that his dwelling house and shop and garden in Boston, bounded on the northeast with John Hill: the lane southwest: Tho. Yow(*) northwest: and the Cove southeast: and this was sealed and delivered the 16 (4) 1648, before me, Wm. Aspinwall Notary publ.

I witnessed as Notary to a deed of sale of a certaine pcell of marsh 40 foote in breath from the Mill creeke in Boston on the North side sould by John Milom to James Nash; & also to a bill obligatorie of James Nash to John Milom of 20li to be pd 1/2 in September & halfe in March: (William Aspinwall not. publ)

June 7, 1648
John Milom, of Boston, for valueable consideration received, granted unto Capt. John Leveret of Boston, a p'cell of land neere the mill, being betweene fourty-fyve and fifty foote in length by the Mill Creeke, bounded toward the west and the north by the high way: the Mill Creek northeast: and Thomas Marshall toward the South: with free liberty of egresse and regresse in and out of the Mill Creeke with vessell or vessells not pjudiceing the mill streame: and this was by deed dated 7 (6) 1648. (BP 14). Mill Creek and Hanover St.

June 16, 1648
John Milom grants John Phillips his house, shop, and garden; John Hill N.E., Lane S.W., Thomas Yeo N.W., and the cove S.E. (BP 140). North and Cross Sts.

October 18, 1648
In Boston, October 18, 1648, Thomas Venner, John Mileham, Samuel Bedfield, James Mattuck "and the rest of the coopers of Boston and Charlestowne" were granted leave to "meete together" for the purpose of incorporating into a guild for mutual protection and for the benefit of the public and to prevent abuses in trade.

October 3, 1648
John Milom (cooper) with Thomas Clarke deeds to Humphrey Milom land on N. side of Mill Creek, near Mill Bridge, and E. and W. along sd creek. (SD 1:249). On both sides of Creek near Hanover Sts. (source: Thwing Project, MHS)

November 8, 1648
John Mylam (cooper) makes an agreement with William Franklin in regard to boats and vessels passing the bridge over Mill Creek. (SD 1:105).

ca 1648
John Milom his possession in the limits of Boston.
One house and garden bounded with John Hill on the northeast: Valentine Hill southwest: Wm. Werdall northwest: and the Cove southeast. (BP 30). North St., N of Cross St.

ca 1648
The possession of John Hill within the limits of Boston
1. Also one smale lott of a quarter of an Acre bounded with Sampson Shore northeast: John Milom southwest: the streete northwest: and the Cove southeast.

ca 1648
Wm. Werdall his possession within the limits of Boston.
1. One house and garden bounded with John Milom southwest:(*)
John Hill
northeast: the streete northwest: and the high way southwest.(*)

MAP G, OR NO. 7.
G. 1. Sampson Shore. [House and garden, with M. Chaffie north-east, John Hill south-west, the street north-west, the Cove south-east.--W.H.W.]
G. 2. John Hill. [His second lot being a small lot of quarter of an acre, with S. Shore north-east, J. Milom south-west, the street north-west, the Cove south-east.--W.H.W.]
G. 3. David Sellick. [By Book of Possessions, it seems that 14th, 7 mo., 1647, Sellick bought of Edward Wells a lot, with S. Shore north-east, J. Hill's garden north-west, J. Milom south-west, the Cove south-east. It must be here, though not on Lamb's map.--W.H.W.]
G. 4. John Mylom, cooper, house and garden; sold to John Phillips, biscuit-maker, in 1648. It was upon this lot that one of the oldest buildings in Boston, half way up Cross street, existed to our day. Phillips, who had come from Dorchester, became a deacon of the Second Church in 1650, added to his estate adjacent lands, and built the stone house; which, when it was torn down in 1864, was considered the oldest building in Boston. It has been described by Mr. Bynner, in Vol. I. of Memorial History of Boston. Phillips died in 1682. Shurtleff, Description of Boston, p. 667, has traced its history to our day. Phillips, before he died, sold the part of his lot next the water-side to Captain Christopher Clarke.
G. 5. William Werdall. [House and garden, with J. Milom south-west (error, evidently for south-east), J. Hill north-east, the street north-west, the highway south-west. This south-west highway was Cross street, but Milom's bound is on Valentine Hill; an example of how little precision is shown in these descriptions.--W.H.W.] Winsor writes of this lane, as follows:--"This lane was laid out in 1636, from the water-side 'up the balke or meare that goes up from the end of John Mylom's house, next William Aspinwall's ground, and to goe along to the Mylne Cove, a rod and a halfe broade.' Mylom was allowed, in 1647, to wharf before the eastern end of it. At the beginning of the next century it was called Coney's Lane. Sewall Papers, ii., 211."
G. 6. Valentine Hill, according to Winsor, had five lots here, thus described:--"a. Valentine Hill. b. Valentine Hill; sold to Barnabas Fawer, in 1646, who was to maintain a cart-way by the wharf before his door, and whose will, 1654, is in N. E. Hist. and Geneal. Reg., July, 1851, p. 305. c. Valentine Hill; sold to
G. 10. Thomas Marshall. [House and garden of about half an acre, with the marsh south-east, John Peirce or John Knight north-east, the street north-west and south-west. Also 8th, 6 mo. 1648, Marshall bought of John Milom, land near the water-mill with Milom south-east, 30 feet, Marshall south-west 76 feet, the Mill Creek north-east, 74 feet, the highway north-west 44 feet. From all which it appears that Marshall owned both sides of the Mill creek and cove up to the highway; but the exact boundaries are hard to trace.--W.H.W.]

Winsor adds: "Joshua Scottow was allowed, in 1651, to wharf at the north-east end of the mill bridge. He had bought the marsh at that time of James Nash, of Weymouth, to whom John Mylom had sold it."

Winsor places the following lots in this square with Union street west, and the Mill creek through its centre:--
a. John Mylom; sold to Thomas Marshall, 1648. b. John Mylom, h.; sold in part in 1650 to Robert Nash, the butcher. c. John Mylom; sold to Governor Leverett. d. Lewis Kidby, fisherman, 1639; granted house lot on the marsh next to John Lowe. e. John Lowe, upland, surrounded by marsh; called a wheelwright, when it was granted to him in 1636-37. f. Marsh held in commonage, part of which was granted in 1646 to John Mylom, who sold it to James Hawkins in

Thomas Marshall
offered to the town in 1652 a highway to shorten the way to the bridge (G. 11), but withdrew his offer. The present Marshall street, however, would indicate that the short cut was eventually established.
G 11. The bridge, the draw of which was changed from one to two leaves in 1653, and the bridge was rebuilt in 1659. The repairs on it are a matter of constant entry in the town records. In 1650 it was ordered that the spare land about the bridge should be wharfed by the neighbors for the common landing of property. [Here also the] "old way" begun, which in 1649 was laid out, a rod broad, from the south side of the water mill, along the shore to the Mill Hill.

June 12, 1649
Samson of John Mylam aged about 2 day 12 day 6 mo.

August 12, 1649
John Milom, of Boston, coop, granted unto Edw. Gibons of the same, mercht., one quarter part of the water mill or mills, and of all the watercourses, milldams, sluces and floodgates thereto belonging, situat in Boston, and one fourth part of all the lands, houses, edifices, buildings, meadowes, marshes, tenements and hereditaments, with the appurtenances appertaining to the sd. mill or mills, and of all emoluments, p'fitts, and comodities which may be raised of the premises. And this was by an absolute deed of sale, dated 12 (8) 1649. Signed, John Milom and a seale; witnessed by John Dane, John Mills; acknowledged by the said Jo: Milom to me, William Aspinwall, this 15 (8) 49. (BP 8)

September 31, 1649
The 31st, 9th mo., 1649. At a meeting of Mr. Wm. Colbrone, Jacob Eliot, Anthony Stoddard, Jerimy Howchin, James Evirill, Tho. Marshall, James Penn.
John Milam is fined 20s. for the defect of his way before the milne, and also 20s. for the defect of the Bridge by John Butman's; if they be not mended within 4 dayes, he is fined 20s. evry 10 days for evry offence.

December 7, 1649
John Milom of Boston for valueable consideration recd. granted unto David Phippeni of Boston a p'cell of land in Boston in length one hundred and two foote and in breadth at the high way nine foot nine ynches according as it laid out, bounded with Bartholomew Barlow (sic) on the southwest; the lott of David Phipeni on the northeast, the highway southeast, and (???) on the northwest: and this was by an absolute deed of sale dated 7 (12) 1649, and sealed and delivered in presence of John Gore. (BP 31). North St. between Mill Creek and Cross Sts.

December 12, 1649
Whereas Mr John Milom of Boston have assigned over unto Capt Elias Pilgrim his right of John Coneyes Indenture for the terme of six months beginning from the day of the Date hereof, Now know all whom these presents shall or may concerne, that I Elias Pilgrim doe hereby ingage myselfe my heires Executors & Administrators to pay in London unto the abovsaid John Milom his heires Administrators or Assignes for the sd six months service in case the foresaid John Coney live so long the summe of ten pounds ten shillings sterl but in case it please God to deale otherwise wth by taking away the life of the abovesd John Coney ere the full & whole terme of six months be compleated & ended, then the aforesd Elias Pilgrim is only to pay for his just time truly & duely served after the rates of xxxvs p mo: respectively, In witnes hereof have caused these presents to be made & have unto sett my hand in Boston this 12th day December 1649.
Witnesses. pme
Elias Pilgrim.
Wm Morton
Robert Nash
Richard Matthewes

December 26, 1649
The 26: 12th mo., 1649. At a meetinge of Mr. Wm. Colbron, Anthony Stoddard, Jacob Eliot, Jeremy Howchin, James Evirill, Thomas Marshall, James Penn.
John Milam is fined 20s. for not makinge a Cart bridge at John Buteman's howse; and if hee goeth not aboute it within sixe dayes hee is fined 20s. every sixe dayes till it be finished

January 11, 1650
1 (11) 1650. it was given mee to enter.
Be it knowne to all men by these pnts that I John Milom of Boston Coop for a valueable consideration alreadie in hand received have bargained sould & by these pnts do give & grant unto Tho: Broughton of Boston mercht my full interest in a pcell of land lying by or in the mill pond of Boston bounded by a direct line running from the Corner of the railes of the land of Wm Phillips of Boston, I say that corner of the sd railes that lyeth next the great water mill & the great mill pond & so over streight to the next Corner of the little mill standing uppon the Damme of the sd pond to Charlstowne river ward, & the whole continent of the land sould is the whole of my ppriety wthout the sd line from the sd pond ward the one halfe of the sd land being my pp right in Relation & pportion to my interest in the sd mills & pond wth land belonging thereunto, the other halfe belonging to the other half pprietors of the sd Mills pond & lands, being bounded Eastward wth the high way passing from Boston to the house of Wm Copps: And I doe further give & grant to the sd Thomas Broughton power for my halfe pt to digg marsh or turffs uppon the sd line to the sd pond ward for the makeing any damme worke that the sd Thomas shall make uppon the sd line afore mentioned or any Damme belonging to the sd worke, wth libertie to make a sluce to what lignes the sd Tho: Broughton shall see good in any pt of the sd Damme, to be made uppon the line running betwixt the corner of the sd railes & the aforesd little mill, & to have the benefit of a streame out of the sd pond to make or scoure a channell from the sd sluce or flood gates to the sea or river ward. Alwayes pvided that the sd Thomas Broughton shall only make use of the streame from the pond against the first day of every weeke or Lords day when the sd mill is not imployd in grinding for comon service, except he pcures liberty from the towne or owners of the sd mill to have the benefit of the streame at other times. Also the sd Thomas Broughton shall have libertie to stop the streame of the sd pond that passeth over the marsh at the west end of the great mill Damme, provided he leaves like libertie for the water to passe over the sluces to be made aforesd that the overflow of the spring tydes may passe through the Channell to be made through the said land sould & all the aforesd prmisses I the sd John Milom for me & my heires for ever doe give & grant bargaine & sell to the said Thomas Broughton & his heires for ever peaceably to enjoy the sd ppriety now sould In witnes whereof I have hereunto sett my hand & seale this first day of January 1650. one thousand six hundred & fifty.

Testis John Milom & a seale
Nathaniel Briscoe
William Phillips
John Hughson.

January 11, 1650
The 11th: 1: mo., 1650. It is alsoe agreed on that theire shall be a carte Bridge bye John Milame set up by John Butemans howse acordinge to Contract.

February 20, 1650
I John Mills do fully cleare Georg Walthan for one pipe & one hogshead of Canary wine wch we delivered him by goodman Mylam for my use, having received the full summe thereof. In witnes heereunto I do put my hand Boston the 20th ffebruary 1650
Witnes John Milam. John Mills.


May 20, 1650:
Cit:  Biographical Sketches Of Graduates Of Harvard University In Cambridge, Massachusetts; By John Langdon Sibley, M. A., Volume I. 1642-1658, pg. 133.

Re: George Stirke/Starkey: his name appears in the records of the General Court of Massachusetts as a party in interest to a petition of Elizabeth Stoughton, of Dorchester, widow of Israel Stoughton, for the confirmation to John Milam, of Boston, of a sale of “certaine lands, which, wth part of the tidemills and other the appurtenances, is menconed in a deed between hir & Georg Stirke, hir sonne, & John Milam.”

May 22, 1650
Cit:  Petition 6 To the General Court from the women of Boston
Christian Mylum signed this petition, along with several other women, testifying to the General Court that Alice Tilley, Midwife, was "the ablest Midwife that Wee Know in the Land."  Mistress Tilley had be accused of causing the deaths of some newborns and mothers.  It appears that Christian Mylum signed her name (ie., did not mark with "X").

Other: This effort by the Boston women is claimed to be the first coordinated political action by women for women in America.

May 27, 1650
27 (5) 1650 Mr Parris & mr Spanswick Dr for the Ship John Imprimis
To money pd for wages 14:06:11
To 25 gall of oyle at 6s p gall 07:10:00
To 27li. of bread 25:16:00
To 2 barrlls of tarre 28s p piece 02:16:00
To the Brassier 06:04:06
To 10 Kent mercht fish 15s 07:10:00
To goodman ffranklin for nailes 00:14:06
To 10. doz. & halfe of Candles 03:18:09
To one tun of Iron 26:00:00
To two bush: of charcoale 00:02:00
To. 66. bush. of pease at 4s 13:04:00
To goodman ffarnam for worke 01:10:06
To. 2 Cord of wood 00:13:00
To: 16. bush. of salt 02:01:06
To Tho. Bartloe 00:06:06
To. goodman Ludkin bills 04:12:04
To Mr Venners bill 06:09:08
To Mr Blacklidges bill 01:16:10
To hookes 00:05:06
To 1. barrell of powder 06:00:00
To a grapnel for the boate 01:05:00
To Jonathan for a suite & bed &c 05:03:02
To beefe at 28s. p Cto 39:09:06
To Carpenters worke 03:04:00
To goodman Clarks bill 09:04:02
To 21 1/2 yds canvas 01:15:10
To goodman Cotton for meate 01:03:07
To goodman Nash for mutton 00:04:06
To 17 1/2 tuns of Caske 14:15:00
To goodman Ward for a boate &c 05:05:00
brought from the other side 213:08:03
To 1216. foote of boards 003:01:08
To an anchor & chesill 002:12:01
To 3 bush. of flowre 001:04:00
To water & other things 000:17:10
To Junck 000:15:00
To good. Grosse for beere 002:02:00
To wine vinegar & strong water 030:15:00
To the Augmenting Doctors chest 002:00:00
To 4. Coile of ropes 002:00:00
To pump lether 001:00:00
To 15 bush. of haire 000:15:00
To the shipp to Mr Allen 350:00:00
To the Doctor to goodman Hudson 001:10:00
To Capt Wms to Hudson 001:10:00
To Mr Joslin the mate 002:10:00
To match 000:11:00
To goodman Barlow for caske  000:09:06
To money to the Capt 006:07:06
To pump boxes 000:06:06
To ruff & clench 000:06:06
To Mr Shrimpton for the Doctor 000:09:00
To goodman Ludkin one pestle & other 000:02:00
To one frying pan 000:04:06
To the saile maker 000:11:00
To one paire of gould scales 000:08:02
To 117li of reson a 2d p lb 000:19:06
To severalls more is 013:13:00
To one hhd beefe & 1 pipe of beveridg wine 013:02:00
To 91li tobacco 001:03:00
To tobacco rotten wch give you credit for 005:00:00
To 80: pp: for forbearance of my mony & pvision is 080:00:00
Summe tot: 739:14:00 p Contra Creditor vizt.

By a ffrigot is Somme 080:00:00
By. 9C 2qr. 7li. of sugar at 4li p Cto 038:00:00
By 42 rolls tobacco good & bad 036:16:06
By 4 baggs of Cotton weight 1195li pounds at 7s p pound 034:00:00
Due to ballance as appears is 550:07:06

Teste wee 9ber. the Errors excepted 00
8th 1649
Edw. Gibons
Wm Hudson.
Aaron Williams.
John Spoore.

Deposed by Wm Hudson & John Spurre that this was acknowledged & subscribed by the Major Generall Edward Gibones & Capt Williams. before me the 25th of the 5th mo.1650.
Increase Nowell.
I also attested that Mr Nowell is one of or Magistrates

August 2, 1650
Be it knowne by these pnts that I Robt Nash of Boston in N: E. Butcher doe acknowledg my selfe to be indebted unto Jo. Milom of Boston aforesd Coop in the just summe of sixty pounds sterl to be pd in pvisions for dyet at or before the 29 (7) next ensueing the date hereof (the necessary charge to finish the wharfe according as it is begun being first deducted & abated) And unto the true pformance hereof I the sd Robt Nash doe bind myselfe mine exer & administr: & in pctre the house I lately bought of him neere unto the water millne in Boston. In witnes whereof I the sd Robt Nash have hereunto set my hand & seale this 2 (8) 1650.
Sealed & dd in pnce of Robt Nash & a seale
John Bushnel
Rich: Waite
William Aspinwall. (TR 32:351)

August 2, 1650
John Milom of Boston granted unto Robt. Nash of Boston three quarters of his dwelling house neere the Mill together with the wharfe and land thereto app'teining and priviledg of free egresse and regresse of boates and vessells into the Mill Creeke (not hindring or stopping the mill streame and the passage of other boates: he paying to Wm. Francklin six pence a boat for such as open the bridge) with free passage or way to the sd house at the northermost side thereof: and this was by an absolute deed dated 2 (8) 1650.
Sealed and d'd in p'nce of JOHN MILOM and a seale
(BP 52). Mill Creek.

October 2, 1650
John Milom, Robert Nash mortgages to him the house near the water mill, which he lately bought of him. Notarial Records. (TR 32:351) (source: Thwing Project, MHS)

October 2, 1650
Know all men by these prsents that I John Milom of Boston Coop for & in consideration of the summe of twenty & seven pounds ten shillings sterl to me in hand pd by Nich: Davison of Charlstowne in N: England mercht have bargained & sould & doe by these prsents bargaine & sell unto the sd Nicholas Davison, two thousand acres of ground or land lying at the falls uppon Connecticot river, & one hundd & twenty acres, of meddow upon a rivevelet or riverett not far from the sd two thousand acres, wch ground was sometime Mr Robert Saltonstalls & laid out by Mr Willis & Capt Mason granted by the Generall Court of Connecticot, the wch land the abovesd Robt Saltonstall sould unto Mr Val: Hill & Capt Robt Harding of Boston the wch I the sd John Mylom have bought & purchased of them & now have sould the prmisses abovesd, to say two thousand Acres of land & one hundd & twenty Acres of Meadow, unto the sd Nicholas Davison to him his heires Executors administrators or Assignes to enjoy for ever. & doe acknowledg to have received of the abovesd Davison full satisfaction to my content for the same: & doe hereby oblige my selfe my heires Executors Administrators & assigns firmly by these prsents to make good ratify & confirme, & establish the sd Davison his heires in quiet & peaceable possession to enjoy the same for ever, & to pcure such writings at all times as shalbe needfull for the same. In witnes of the truth I the sd John
Milom have hereunto set my hand & seale Dated the fifth day of October. 1650.

Signed sealed & dd John Milom & a seale.
in the presence of us Henry Wilkey.

Acknowledged the 5th of the 8th mo. 1650 before me Increase Nowell.

November 1, 1650
Att a generall townes meetinge upon publicke notice...........
It is alsoe agreed on that theire shall be a carte Bridge bye John Milame set up by John Butemans howse acordinge to Contract.

November 21, 1650
21 (8) 1650.  John Milom of Boston did constitute Mr Stephen Painter his true & lawfull Attr. to aske &c: of all & singular &c: all & singular debt or debts summe or summes of money goods wares & merchandise whatsoever, & of the receipt to give acquittance &c: also to compound &c. & to appeare in any Court &c: to sue implead &c: & generally doe &c: wth power to substitute &c: ratifying &c:

January 1, 1651
John Milam (cooper) sells to Thomas Broughton (merchant) land by the Mill Pond, from corner of land of William Phillips that lyeth next the great water mill standing on the Damme of sd Pond, to Charlestown River ward, half of the land being my interest in sd mills and pond, the other half belonging to the other proprietors, being bounded eastward with the highway passing from Boston to house of William Copps. and I give him powewre to dig marsh or turfe on sd mine to the pond for the making and damme work with liberty to make a sluice in any part of sd damme, and to have the benefit of a stream out of sd pond or secure a channel from the sluice or flood gates to the sea or river ward. Notarial records (TR 32:376). Commercial St. (SD 3:224)

January 7, 1651
John Milom (cooper) deeds to his brother Humphrey Mylom 50 sq. ft., widow Phillips N., Bartholomew Barlow S.E., William Franklin S. and N.W., Humphrey Milom S.E. (SD 1:249). W. of North St. between Mill Creek and Cross St.

January 12, 1651
John Milom (cooper) deeds to Henry Webb 1/4 of water mills, land, etc., and 1/2 the dam. He mortgaged the first, see SD 1:134. (SD 2:41)

February 26, 1651
Joseph of John & Christian Milam born 26th -- 12th month.
Mary of John & Christian Milam born 26th -- 12th month

April 20, 1651
Boston Town Records, 1634 to 1660
The 20th of 4th mo., 1651. At a meting of Mr. Richard Parker, Capt. Leveritt, Mr. Jerimy Houchin, Mr. Edward Ting, and Deacon Marshall.
Whereas William Frainklin hath diged in the Towne's highway at the north end of the Bridg, nere to the house of Humphery Milam, It is ordered that if the said William Frainklin doe not fill up the ground againe which he hath diged, and make good the said high way within tenn dayes next ensuing that then he is to pay twentie shillings.

October 1, 1651
John Milom occupies a house of Robert Harding. (SD 1:321). S. side of State St.

October 4, 1651
John Milom petitions the General Court in regard to money received by the sale of the house of John Seabury, deceased. Milam made sale of house to Alex Adams for 45 pounds. Sale of house confirmed. (SD 7:256). (source: Thwing Project, MHS) (see 11-16-1664 below)

Maryland Historical Magazine Vol 9

Cromwell's Parliament, having established its authority in England, turned its attention to the rebellious colonies.  In 1651 an Ordinance was passed that the Colonies should be subject to the laws and regulations made by Parliament, that those governing the colonies should be considered usurpers and rebels, and that navigation should cease. Bennet was appointed one of the Commissioners by the Council of State in England "to reduce the Plantations within the Bay of Chesapeake to their due obedience to the Parliament of England." Two of the Commissioners appointed were already in the colonies --Bennet and Claiborne; the other three were in England--Denis, Stagge, and Curtis. Captain Denis and Mr. Stagge sailed on the ship John and perished in a wreck. Captain Curtis arrived with a copy of the Commission, and troops of about 700 men were sent over for the Commissioners to use if necessary.

John Milom (cooper) with wife Christian deeds to Humphrey Milom land between Mill Creek and W. end of Humphrey's house. (SD 1:250). E. side of creek.

October 19, 1652
Suffolk Deeds, Lib. II, 195.: "These presents bindeth me John Milam late of Boston in New England my heires executors & administrators to pay or cawse to be paid unto Henry Shrimpton of Boston Aforesaid Brassier his heires executors & administrators or Assignes on all demands in Currant money for the use & behoofe of Mr John Turnor of Tennerife merchant the full and Just some of thirty pounds and eighteene shillings In witness whereof I the said John Milam have heere unto sett my hand this 19th day of October 1652: signed John Milam

Wittnesse John Tinker Tho. Bell

Thomas Bell Aged twenty two yeares Came before me this 12th of December 1655 and did testefy vppon oath that he see John Milam deliver this bill to the within named Henry Shrimpton after the said Milam had subscribed his hand as a wittnes. Ri: Bellingham Golinor Entered & Recorded the day & yeere above said at Request of ye said Henry Shrimpton. Edward Rawson Recorder"

October 29, 1652
Massachusetts Bay Colony declared itself an independent commonwealth.

John Mylam REMOVED from Boston with his entire family, and relocated to Waterford, Ireland.