The Earliest Milams in America

The following is the current state of knowledge regarding the earliest Milams in America.  It is based on the analysis of available records regarding these individuals, as well as the very complex history of the period.  It is the best picture available, but there are still many unknowns needing answers.

It is hoped that other Milam researchers will be motivated to join the discussion, also research the unknowns, and help accumulate additional data that will enable the clearest possible understanding of these Milams.  The ultimate goal is to acquire enough knowledge to determine the genealogical connection between them and Milams of today.

If you have additions or corrections to the information presented here, they are most welcome.  Please share them.

Berkshire & Oxfordshire England

The earliest Milams who came to America were English Puritans who settled in The Massachusetts Bay Colony between 1629 and 1635.   They came to Massachusetts from Berkshire County and neighboring Oxfordshire County in southern England.  Records indicate that several Milam families lived in Berkshire County.  The parish of Hurst has many Mylams & Milams in the listings.

Elizabethe Mileham

Elizabethe Mileham married Lawrence Leach, 1605 in Hurst, Berkshire, England.  She and Lawrence came to Massachusetts with the Winthrop Fleet, in 1629/30.  They settled in Salem.  Although they all resided in close proximity to each other, it is currently unknown whether Elizabethe is related to the brothers, John and Humphrey Mylam, below.

John Mylam of Boston

John Mylam is the most important of the early Mylams because he had 6 Mylam sons, and thus Mylam surnamed descendants who could provide a genealogical link to the Virginia Milams.  His brother Humphrey Mylam had 7 daughters only, and thus no Mylam surnamed descendants.  However because Humphrey resided in Boston until his death in 1667, much more is known about his descendants than about John's.

John Mylam extensively appears in Boston records 1635-1652.  In 1635, he was a cooper by trade.  In the 1640's, he became somewhat wealthy as a founding member of the cooper guild, mill owner-partner, land speculator, ship owner-partner, and merchant-shipper. 

In 1652, he removed from Boston with his entire family, including his wife Christian, 5 sons, and 2 daughters.  Until recently, we did not know where he and his family relocated to.

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Humphrey Mylam of Boston

Humphrey Mylam was born October 03, 1619, Henley-upon-Thames, Oxfordshire, England, and first appears in Boston records in 1648.  It was about this time that he married Mary Gore, daughter of John Gore of Roxbury, Massachusetts.  Like his brother John, he was a cooper by trade.  Humphrey and Mary had 7 daughters, and Humphrey died April 1667 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, and left a will.  His burial site is currently unknown.  Mary died in 1710 and is buried in the Granary Burying Grounds in Boston.  Eleven generations of one line of his descendants from his daughter Constance, who married John Alcock, and his granddaughter Mary Alcock, are known.

The English birth records of John and Humphrey Mylam of Boston have been discovered, along with those of two siblings.   The marriage record of their parents was discovered also.  This is what we currently know:

Descendants of John Mylam, Sr.
Father of the Boston Mylams

1 John Mylam, Sr., b. bef. 1592
. +Faith Woodroffe b: bef. 1595 m: February 04, 1609/10 Henley-upon-Thames, Oxfordshire, England
. 2 John Mylam, Jr.  c: December 12, 1611, Henley-upon-Thames, Oxfordshire, England  d: 1662 Waterford, Ireland
.... +Christian m: Abt. 1635 poss England  d: Aft. 1664, poss. Waterford, Ireland
. 2 Joan Mylam c: March 13, 1612/13, Henley-upon-Thames, Oxfordshire, England
. 2 Edward Mylam c: March 29, 1616, Henley-upon-Thames, Oxfordshire, England
. 2
Humphrey Mylam c: October 03, 1619, Henley-upon-Thames, Oxfordshire, England  d: April 1667 Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
.... +Mary Gore b: Abt. 1631 Waltham Abbey, Essex, England m: 1648 prob. Roxbury, Massachusetts d: October 08, 1710 Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts Father: John Gore Mother: Rhoda Gardner Burial: The Granary Burying Ground, Boston

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