Special Message for "Milam" Families of UK
"MILAM" includes the surnames: Milam, Mylam, Mileham, Milum, etc.

1.  MILAMs in America can only trace their ancestry back to the mid-1700s in the English Colony of Virginia.  We know our Milam ancestors were English, but we do not know WHEN or HOW our earliest immigrant ancestor arrived in America, nor from WHERE in England he originated. 

For several decades this brick-wall has been insurmountable.  Much traditional genealogy research has been conducted on both sides of the Atlantic, but it has repeatedly failed to find the connection.  Currently, we are trying a new approach.....  DNA testing of Milam families found in America and England. 

When the DNA "match" is found by comparing the test results of an American Milam and an English Milam, we will have discovered the lineage of the ancestral connection between American and English Milams!  The value of such a discovery cannot be over-estimated!!  Such a discovery would possibly be the single most important ever made in Milam genealogy! 

By tracing the English Milam's family tree back to his ancestor who went to the New World, we will open a door in Milam genealogy to a whole new world of our own.  We will have discovered the immigrant ancestor who fathered 1000s of Milams in America and England.  Think about that!

The key to success in this new effort is finding and testing male English Milams, Mylams, Milehams, Milums, etc..  The testing part is EASY, and it's FREE!  The difficult part is locating English Milams to test. 

This is where you come in, Cousin:  .......help find testers! .....RECRUIT YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS, OR MILAMs IN YOUR COMMUNITY/REGION.

We need you, or your brother, or your father, or your grandfather, or your Milam uncle, to participate in this vitally important effort.  Your participation could be the breakthrough we need.  The breakthrough will tremendously expand the universe of knowledge regarding the genealogy and family history of the world-wide Milam Family.  Posterity will be eternally grateful!

The scientific method used in Y-DNA testing for genealogy purposes requires that ONLY MALES WITH THE SURNAME MILAM be tested.  (Remember: "MILAM" includes the surnames: Milam, Mylam, Millam, Mileham, Milum, etc.)

2.  If you cannot participate in DNA testing, please help spread the word about this project.  Tell your Milam relatives, and post on genealogy websites, etc., etc.  Help locate the Milams needed for testing.  Thanks!

3.  Background:
    a.  For discussion of the "Virginia Milams" go to:
Virginia Milams
    b.  For discussion of the Boston Mylams go to:  Boston Mylams
    c.  Milam Family DNA Project:  A small group of USA and UK Milams has pooled together enough donations to fund FREE Y-DNA tests for high priority, untested branches of Milams.  So far, we have tested only a few English Milam branches, and many branches still need testing.  We badly need to locate NEW Milam participants.  Help locate the Milams needed for testing. 

Don't miss out.  Join the quest!  Think about the possibilities!
Milam2 at Milam dot com